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  1. I'm going to the big "D" and I don't mean Dallas..
  2. Home style chili...No crackers required.
  3. playing with phyllo
  4. Money stuffed pork chops
  5. Lamb Shanks
  6. jets vs Dolphins Brisket
  7. Infuser Fun!
  8. Pork Brisket and snacks
  9. Pierogi Casserole
  10. Gluten Free Stuffed Peppers
  11. The Making of the Big Poppa Smokers Mobile Strategic Command Center
  12. a new toy
  13. charcoal for smoke
  14. Big Poppa Double Secret Prime Rib on the BPS Enigineered Drum with oak pellets.
  15. St. Lawrence Market
  16. Meat Sushi
  17. Pot Roast
  18. Game Time Grub
  19. ribs for everyone
  20. First Tri
  21. ever get the munchies?
  22. Dinosaur Ribs
  23. Raspberry-Chipotle Burger
  24. Onion Pie
  25. All Aboard the S.S. Bent
  26. Fish Tacos.. yum yum!
  27. Dry Aged Ribeyes
  28. Chicken Parm
  29. Prime Rib Roast wit Ox tail Au Jus
  30. 2 day adventure for comfort food.
  31. Creamed Chicken & Biscuits
  32. Peach Melba Crisp
  33. I used to hate leftovers...
  34. Jowl Bacon
  35. football sunday
  36. some simple prime ribeyes on the drum with oak pellets
  37. Scally inspired leftovers
  38. a couple cooks this week
  39. Daughter wants Ribs again
  40. Time for some Lox ;)
  41. Best Meatloaf
  42. Old Fashioned Dutch Loaf - Luncheon Meat
  43. Ribeyes
  44. Pics from the 2012 BPS winning American Royal Invitational!
  45. oops............
  46. Saturday Smokin'
  47. links & beans
  48. Stuffed Pumpkin
  49. Apples over grilled pumpkin bread
  50. MAK Beef Pastrami
  51. Dry Aged Steak with Garlic Mash and Asparagus
  52. Tender, Tender Chuck
  53. Greek (ish) stuffed pork chops
  54. Grilled Shrimp Enchiladas with Jalapeņo Cream Sauce
  55. Bacon wrapped pork chops & butternut squash soup
  56. Canadian Thanksgiving Turducken
  57. Jalapeņo SPAM Fatty
  58. what to do with smoked cheese - sicilian style
  59. Stuffed Cornish Game Hens and Grilled Artichokes
  60. Cold (War) Smoked Cheese
  61. Infuser Center Loin Cut Pork Stuffed Pork Chops
  62. German Goulash... W/ Wagyu left overs
  63. Plaice fillets
  64. Reverse Seared Strube Mishima Tenderloin with Mushrooms and Onions
  65. Man who ate BBQ brush bristle
  66. Infuser Keta Salmon & Cornbread Stuffing Smashers
  67. Dry Aging Beef
  68. Dry Aged Rib-Eyes and Potato Grenades
  69. MAK Wings done my way
  70. Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwich with Homemade Potato Chips
  71. Oh the Humanity!
  72. What's for breakfast?
  73. Tri tip dinner (yes in CT :) For our 8 year anniversary
  74. Butternut Squash Pasta
  75. Little Strube Ranch Brisket cook on the MAK Two Star!
  76. Spatched Chicken & Infuser Stuffed Poblano Peppers
  77. Chicken - Kickin' it old school.
  78. Big Poppa prime rib dinner at Santa Anita
  79. For lunches, beef
  80. JH Summer Peach BB ribs
  81. Stuffer Pork Chops
  82. Ribs of Money with Broccoli Cheddar Mac 'n Cheese
  83. Garlic
  84. Back In The Saddle! Chicken Cordon Bleu
  85. Porterhouse for 100 miles of cycling
  86. More Game Time Grub
  87. Arroz con Pollo
  88. Carolina Treet Chicken Legs & Bacon Wrapped Smoked Ravoli
  89. Lazy Windy Rainy Rib Day
  90. November Ribs
  91. Pulled Pork & Pulled Beef
  92. Pretzels, Smoky Beer Cheese and Wings....
  93. Lazy Sunday Cook..
  94. Spatchcock Chicken for the Wifie's B-day
  95. Tritip and rack of lamb on a BPS drum
  96. Minne & I re-united!
  97. Big Easy Seared Dry-Aged Rib Eyes with Balsamic Vinegar Blue Cheese Mushrooms
  98. Meat Man and I tackle a Turkey at the Laughlin Comp
  99. Surf & Turf
  100. Jallelujah butts
  101. Cookin' for the Scouters
  102. PTG Cornish Game Hens
  103. BPS drum vs Pellet cooker: Turkey battle
  104. Quick Spatchcock Chicken
  105. Bacon Teaser
  106. Honey Loaf Luncheon Meat
  107. Philly Cheesesteak Pizza
  108. PTG Tri-Tip
  109. I Feel Like A line Cook
  110. Burger
  111. Vietnamese Caramel Shrimp Banh Mi
  112. Striploin, chilibeans and foiled potatoes
  113. Ribs and chicken
  114. Planko Crusted Chicken Cordon Blue
  115. Stuffed Shrimp and Tritip on a drum
  116. Schinkenspeck: German Ham-Bacon
  117. John Petrucci of Dream Theater Got a Mak and broke it in today
  118. Baby back ribs some of the best
  119. Big Poppa's Thanksgiving 2012 dinner
  120. Thanksgiving rib roast
  121. Friday SEC Football
  122. Smoked rib roast on a drum and BP's smoked jalapeno scalloped taters in a MAK, oh my!
  123. Chicken Cordon Bleu
  124. Ribeyes, the way I like um!
  125. Spanish Style Stew
  126. chicken pot pies
  127. chicken leg quarters
  128. Beef Short Ribs
  129. SEC Championship Grub
  130. Simply Marvelous Pecan and Big Poppa Jalalujah Tri tip aka jalapeno pecan tri tip
  131. Angry Maple Bacon Chicken
  132. Pizza a la Memphis
  133. Pecan smoked pork chops stuffed with italian sausage & cheese
  134. Festival Acorn Squash with Savory Mustard Glazed Strip Steaks
  135. Chicken cordon bleu.
  136. Cooking some food with marinaded meat
  137. ABTs off a drum
  138. O.T. Look How Big this Cabbage is!
  139. King of the Smoker Photos
  140. Salmon Steaks
  141. Strip Loin Roast with Roasted Garlic & Chive Mash
  142. First Salmon Smoke
  143. Ribs for lunch!
  144. Yummy stuffed chicken
  145. Hot and Sweet Thighs
  146. First Brisket - SmokyOkie Style
  147. Breakfast
  148. The best meatloaf on the planet!!
  149. Chicken Cordon BBQ
  150. Cornbread
  151. Minnie & Company
  152. Some spare ribs from recent
  153. Two Tri tips
  154. Chilly and Rainy, good time for Chili...
  155. Mushroom Bernaise panko steaks
  156. Big Poppa's Sriracha Tritip Sandwich with homemade Cream of Tomato soup
  157. Pork Ribs for Pub Crawl
  158. Goulash on the UDS
  159. "King of the Smoker" theme cook
  160. Getting a jump on some of the lunch menu...
  161. Crab Cakes No smoke
  162. Wife's fav. BBQ Pizza
  163. Ribs from a few weeks back
  164. Speckeld Trout
  165. Meatloaf with a kick
  166. Xmas Prime Rib
  167. Rooster Ribs with beans and rice
  168. MAK Smoked Crown Roast of Pork in a Maple Sweet Money Glaze
  169. Christmas dinner on the MAK
  170. Our Christmas dinner
  171. Scampi, calamari and plaice
  172. Just another Christmas turkey...
  173. Christmas prime rib and ABTs
  174. Chile Verde and cornbread
  175. Christmas Brunch
  176. Cold leftover cook
  177. Patty Melt's
  178. Stuffed Pork Loin with Port Balsamic Sauce
  179. Surprise me for new years dinner she said!
  180. Maple Roasted Nuts
  181. The Bacon Explosion
  182. New Years Eve Mussels
  183. New years day wings
  184. Beef Stroganoff
  185. Logo Jerky MAK BPS EAT BBQ STRUBE!
  186. Twofer Tuesday - New Year's Day Cook
  187. Gave Bill Murray a smoking lesson
  188. BBQ Shrimp on Grit Cakes with a Shrimp and Country Ham Reduction
  189. Smoked Chicken Poutine
  190. Third cook on the new Hasty-Bake
  191. Pizza
  192. Stuffed sweet peppers
  193. Bacon Hash Stuffed Potatoes! On the Mak Four Star Its a good one!
  194. Lobster and Bacon Quiche
  195. Spicy Mustard Pork Chops
  196. Egg cups ?
  197. Weekend Cook & EZ's birthday
  198. My first Brisket on my Rec Tec
  199. Breaking the ice...
  200. MAK Four Star Reverse Seared Strube Texas Crown Strip Steak
  201. Treager with dual rotisseries
  202. BBQ Turkey meatloaf, garlic, and onion Pizza
  203. Best Donut ever?
  204. Combo Plate # 21
  205. Carne Asada Fries, San Diego Style
  206. lets try some cheese
  207. I want pizza
  208. T-bones
  209. Leftovers
  210. Good Juju Ribs
  211. Tatonka Dusted Buffalo Sirlion Tip Roast
  212. Hot and Cold Smoking with James Beard Winning Chef Jimmy Schmidt
  213. Too c-c-c-cold for the contest
  214. Lot's of cooking & smoking going on!
  215. Slow tri-tip
  216. baby back ribs with white zinfandel sauce
  217. Apple butter pork loin with scallop taters
  218. Meatloaf with a kick redux
  219. Smoked Ground Beef Chile Rellenos
  220. Poblano stuffed w/ chicken, Monteey Jack, tomato's & onions.
  221. Just burgers and fries.
  222. Ribeye with a handle.
  223. Chris Lilly's Spicy Apricot Wings
  224. Kicking the C-C-Cold with Some Jamaican jerk!
  225. Rib eye with fries, my oh my
  226. Last week's ribs.
  227. Mole chicken chilli.
  228. Grilled walleye and bacon wrapped green beans with grilled mango
  229. Lamb Chops
  230. Spicy Quesidillas
  231. 3 Eyz Tri-tip and a Tatonka Dust Tri-tip
  232. Artichoke stuffed chicken breasts and grilled artichokes
  233. Let's Eat Healthy
  234. Feed a cold - Starve a fever...?
  235. Rib craving
  236. Beef Ribs
  237. Birthday ravioli
  238. Flank steak fajitas
  239. Brunch! Eye of round,bacon and a fired egg.
  240. Breakfast, the BEST meal of the DAY!
  241. Flank Steak Quartet
  242. Smoked Chili Nacho's
  243. Smokin some Cheese
  244. Rack of Lamb Super Bowl Appies
  245. Mad Hunky Hot Whang Wings
  246. time for me to do some smok'n
  247. Cream Cheese Filled Moinks for Game Day!
  248. Cooking on a salt block
  249. Pigs tooth pork butt.
  250. Strube Ranch Texas Wagyu Flat Iron Steaks!