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  1. Ribs on the Memphis
  2. MAK Pork Chops for Dinner
  3. Ribs getting happy in the MAK
  4. Strube Ranch Texas Wagyu Ribeyes ala MAK
  5. Pulled Pork Pie on the Memphis Pro
  6. Spatchcock Turkey at the Lancaster Comp
  7. Desrt on the Memphis Pro
  8. Time to give the Traegers some love...
  9. Little old block of Strube Texas Wagyu..SIrloin....
  10. Mak'd legs o'Lamb
  11. Columbus Day Ribs
  12. Baby MAK Ribs
  13. Roast Beef anyone?
  14. 3 Buck Chuck
  15. Memphis Ribeye
  16. Hickory Smoked Shrimp on the Memphis
  17. Hickory Smoked Crab Legs & Steak
  18. Summers Over but here is one of the great simple cooks!
  19. I love Spatchcock Chicken
  20. Strube Ranch Texas Wagyu Tenderloin
  21. Chicken on Grill Grates
  22. Bierocks on the Pro
  23. Pellet Grill Pizza
  24. Pellet smoked Pastrami
  25. Just some Grill Grate Mak Smoked New York Steaks
  26. Little Old Memphis Pro Brisket
  27. Something a little different for the Dolphins game
  28. MAK B-Day Ribs
  29. Test, test, only a test
  30. Smoke and Mirrors Salad
  31. Tri tip and chokes
  32. More Traeger Love
  33. Lamb Kabobs
  34. Purists hate these. Fall off the bone ribs
  35. Lasagna
  36. Prime Rib-Eyes
  37. Lobster Tail on The Mak
  38. Stuffed Bell Peppers and Beer Bread
  39. Pellet SMoked Short Ribs!
  40. Some reverse sear buffalo burgers with O rings
  41. Reverse sear chicken thighs and veggies
  42. Vidalia-Peach Spareribs
  43. Some Beef Tenderloin Fajitas
  44. Turkey Practice
  45. Deb's Thanksgiving thread
  46. Pumpkin Seeds
  47. Halloween Pork Butt
  48. "Kentuckiyaki" Baja Steaks on the Memphis Pro
  49. 2nd Turkey
  50. Wild hog
  51. Cold Smoked Steelhead Trout
  52. A Breakfast Fattie
  53. Reverse Sear Strube Ranch Texas Wagyu Tri Tip
  54. Ribs with Texas Candy
  55. Vande Roase Farm Duroc Rack Of Pork
  56. Dessert ideas???
  57. Lion roast!
  58. Bear steak... No, not the moderator Bear!
  59. Ostrich ?!!?
  60. Biffalo chili. Errr, buffalo chili!
  61. Hopper smoke = no Easter Bunny this year.
  62. The last one got into my trash, smokey the bandit!
  63. Killer Baby Back, Kona Longboard Ale Smoke BBQ
  64. First cook test drive MAK One Star General
  65. Page Two First cook on the MAK One Star
  66. Applewood Smoked Cheese
  67. MAK One Star Duroc Picnic Pics
  68. Tasso!
  69. Frozen Pig Fun
  70. Sausage making tomorrow
  71. stuffed chicken breasts
  72. Auction Boulders
  73. Strube Ranch Wagyu Sirloin Boulder ala MAK
  74. Smoked Chuck Samosas
  75. Dry Ribs
  76. Beef Ribs and Corn on the Memphis Pro
  77. Italian Fattie
  78. Berkshire ribs on the new Mak
  79. Chicken Breasts
  80. More Srube Goodness..Wagyu Short Ribs!
  81. Chicken & Rib Celebration
  82. Deep Dish Pizza
  83. Buckeye Strube Wagyu Burgers!
  84. MAK'd Brisket for the Dolphins game
  85. MAK TriTip
  86. I had to cook some bisquits for the MAK One Star heat test so......
  87. Bacon Wrapped Brisket Fillets & Crab Legs
  88. Some Foot Long Beer Brats
  89. Another use for the MAK Griddle!
  90. Meat n Tatoes on the Memphis
  91. Panko Crusted Dover Sole ala MAK Griddle
  92. Prosciutto wrapped scallops
  93. Bourbon Maple Syrup Brine
  94. More MAK Griddle Madness! Blackened Spatchcock Chicken!
  95. DryBag Brisket
  96. MAK Salmon
  97. Beef Ribs from MAK Cookbook
  98. Fish tacos
  99. More MAK Tri Tip
  100. Smoked Pork Collar-MAK style
  101. Pork Roast & Roasted Squash and Pears
  102. Bacon Hangar
  103. Smoked Bourbon/Maple Turkey
  104. Hey Jiimsbarbeque Thanks for the Killer Tri Tip Recipe
  105. Mangalista Pork Cheeks swimming in a Smoked Paprika Espresso Sauce
  106. I Just Had To
  107. MAK Griddle chicken fajitas and empanadas
  108. Mangalista Pork Neck (collar) In a Tangerine Chili glaze
  109. MAK Smoked Swiss
  110. Inside out burgers on the MAK griddle
  111. MAK Amish Summer Sausage
  112. ...Thrown to the Dogs!
  113. Fed Ex brought me a box!
  114. Canadian Bacon......MAKstyle
  115. MAK smoked turkey, tasso and sausage gumbo
  116. Thanksgiving leftovers -- Turkey Pot Pie w/ herb crust
  117. Pepperoni Mini's
  118. a little snack to get my son back to school
  119. Some deer camp food...
  120. Ribeye for lunch
  121. Fish Tacos on the MAK Sear Grate
  122. Turkey Meatloaf - hot and fast
  123. Look what arrived; Guess what I'll be doing....
  124. Leftover Thanksgiving Smoked Stufing Tamales
  125. The Memphis Pro came to my rescue.....again!
  126. Quick and easy Ham Soup. East three Ham soup!
  127. My weekend sausage forray...
  128. I MAK'd Momma's Meatloaf
  129. A Bevy of Butts!
  130. PA Dutch MAK Ham Loaf
  131. Kurobuta pork belly bacon
  132. Homemade Chorizo
  133. Spicy Smoked Nuts
  134. Fridays Strube Ranch Wagyu Dinner at the Scottsdale Comp
  135. More Summer Sausage
  136. Just some Peach Cobbler...and my neighbor's house. :)
  137. jimbotron photo link
  138. Holiday Breakfast Grilling Tradition
  139. MAK Cold Smoked Peeps
  140. MAK Pickled Ring Bologna
  141. Some Carolina Pulled Pork
  142. Venison Chili
  143. Carne Asada Tacos
  144. DryBag Steaks Ready
  145. Time To Fill The Hopper
  146. Feed a Cold, Smoke some Poultry..
  147. Breakfast Taters with Bacon, chipotle sour cream and wagyu!
  148. Smokin Whiskey Pork Chops
  149. Grilled Rainbow Trout
  150. This week, on the Bacon Channel...
  151. Hawaiian Ribs...sort of!
  152. Kurobuta bacon sliced w/pic
  153. Carnitas
  154. Have you ever
  155. Bambi In The Grind
  156. Venison Beer Brats
  157. mmmm bacon
  158. Indian Pulled Pork with Raita and Roti
  159. Apple Smoked Walleye n Crispy Tater Cakes
  160. A bacon double feature
  161. Cheater Soup
  162. rub me
  163. Strube Ranch Top Sirloin at Sis N Laws..NO SMOKER!!!!!!Aaarrrrrrrgh
  164. The Bacon Bandwagon
  165. Beer Sticks
  166. Oven Smoked/Browned Potatos!
  167. Bacon Grenades.
  168. Smokehouse Bologna
  169. Pulled Pork Chile Verde
  170. Smoky Chicken Chili
  171. Leftover Tacos!
  172. Christmas Cook Photos
  173. Norwegian Meatballs
  174. My First Pellet Smoke - Spatchcocked Turkey
  175. Holiday Beef Sticks & Smoky Beer Cheese Spread
  176. Kool Aid Dills
  177. Costco Pizza Pellet Grill Grill Grates equals fabulous!
  178. Christmas Prime Rib
  179. Big Time Cook last night!
  180. Big Time Cook last night! Part 2
  181. Pellet Smokehouse Sticks
  182. Tri Tip
  183. Pioneer Cobbler
  184. Newbie tries appetizers
  185. New Years Eve comp at Wildomar Ca
  186. CarterQ/Scooter/Big Poppa inspired brownies
  187. Jan 2 Real Time Cook! Pork abnd Chiuckie Goodness
  188. A lazy day
  189. Pineapple Dump Cake
  190. Rolled Flank Steak
  191. Meadow Creek PR36 with a MAK Pellet Unit Crazy
  192. Smoked Stuffed Bell Peppers
  193. First Cook
  194. Meatloaf & Chicken Split-Breast
  195. Sis n Law's First Smoke Reverse Seared MAK Strube NY's!
  196. Beef back ribs
  197. Chicken Pot Pie
  198. Giant pasta stuffed meatball
  199. I say, string 'em up!
  200. Grilled Chicken Rellenos
  201. Crowned Venison, Spaetzle and Beer Bread on the Pro
  202. Jimbo has a new toy (s)
  203. Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf
  204. My three smokers all doing there thing
  205. Morel and Wild Rice Stuffed Venison
  206. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  207. BIG MAK Turkey
  208. BBQ Bacon Cheese Loaf Burgers
  209. I think I have a sickness...
  210. Weekend Cook
  211. Pastrami
  212. Sparky.....Un-supervised
  213. Brisket ala Spark with a little twist.
  214. Stuffed Anaheims and Spanish Rice
  215. Smokin' Gregg's Peg Legs
  216. pulled pork tacos
  217. Bacon Wrapped Fatties
  218. 29 pounds of butts, 14 pounds of brisket, some mustard, some rub, and a MAK
  219. Spatchcock Chicken Seared, smoked and braised with Lemon and Mushrooms
  220. Smoked Swiss Cuban Burger
  221. Something different... you either love them or you hate them.. lol
  222. Spanadian Bacon, 3 Chile Bacon... And a MAK.
  223. Chicken Cacciatore
  224. VP and CB in the LT
  225. MAK Smoked Steak House Mushrooms with R/S Prime New Yorks
  226. Spatula for ribs
  227. First Cook on the MAK 2 Star General - St. Louis Ribs
  228. Too bad...
  229. Triple Jack Daniels Pulled Pork
  230. Sangrita Fish Tostadas
  231. MAKChicken Quesadillas
  232. Beef Ribs on the Memphis Pro
  233. my place in colorado
  234. A sourdough thread (I'll figure out a way to get pellets in here somehow)
  235. Bacon wrapped mak smoked lobster fattie!
  236. Cooking Brisket on MAK
  237. Big Poppa's Super Bowl Cook 5 Smokers baby Ahi Tuna
  238. Big Poppa's Super Bowl Cook # 2 Flintstones ribeye
  239. BIg Poppa's Super Bowl Cook #3 Appetizers
  240. Big Poppa's Super Bowl Cook # 4 Chicken
  241. Superbowl Finger Food
  242. BIg Poppa's Super Bowl Cook #5 Baby Backs
  243. Superbowl Chicken wings
  244. Superbowl Meatball Sliders
  245. Cheeseburger sliders and tots
  246. Moink Balls in Grape Jelly BBQ Sauce
  247. Wife's Dutch Oven Meatloaf
  248. Turkey Pastrami on Beer Bread
  249. Memphis Smoked Strube Ranch Wagyu Sirloin
  250. Spark get a hold of some Magic Dust