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  1. Whats smokin on the weekend? 10-15
  2. WIn Store Credit! Post your weekend cook!
  3. THis weeks challenge for a whopping $10 gift certificate
  4. This Weekends Pelletsmoking.com Challenge's Judge is DEB!
  5. This weeks Challenge..Scooter is the judge...
  6. Hey This weeks contest Deb is the judge...Come on and enter
  7. Turkey Day Contest!
  8. This weeks Contest TXPGAPRO is the judgee!
  9. WHOOP WHOOP! Carter Q is the Judgee for this weeks contest!
  10. I almost forgot Tent is the judge this week!
  11. New Years Contest Free BBQ Stuff!
  12. CarterQ is the Judge for this weeks contest!
  13. Deb is the judge! This Weeks Contest!!!!!
  14. Rip is the Judge Rip is the Judge! Enter this weeks contest!
  15. Sparky is the Judge! This weeks contest!
  16. Super Bowl Contest! Carter is the judge.
  17. This weeks contest (2-10) Rip is the judge!
  18. Carter is the Judge! 2-18 contest!
  19. This Weeks Contest! Rips the Judge Win Stuff! Learn something! Show Off!
  20. This weeks Contest Squirt is the judge! 3-4-11
  21. This Weeks Contest bflodan is the Judge
  22. This weeks Contest..Cliff is the Judge Bring it on!
  23. Deb is the Judge! This weeks contest! Enter and win big!
  24. Oh Baby! This Weeks Contest Enter! Rip is the judge
  25. BIg Contest This Week Enter to Win!
  26. This Weeks Contest!!!!!!!!!Rip is in the hot seat
  27. Easter Contest! Everyone that enters wins Five Bucks!
  28. Free $5.00 gift certificate All you have to do is enter this weeks contest
  29. Enter This Weeks contest and win EVERYBODY WINS!
  30. Easiest 5 bucks in BBQ Enter this contest....
  31. Squirt is the Judge for this week! All entries win something!
  32. Sis in Law is the Judge Im doubling the money this weekend! Enter!
  33. Cliff You ready? You are the judge for this weeks contest Everybody that enters win
  34. Contest! If you don't enter you can't win! Everybody wins!
  35. Fathers Day Contest! New tricks up my sleeve! Everybody wins
  36. Contest! June 24...Smokin Pete is the judge
  37. Yippeee! Lets celebrate the Fourth! Im stepping it up!
  38. July 9th contest! Go Get em! Everybody wins
  39. July15 Summer is half over contest! Patrick is the juddge
  40. Weekly Contest Rules
  41. CarterQ is the Judge! July 22...Bring it on!
  42. July 29th Contest! WHoop WHoop WHoop Waa Laa Everybody cashes in
  43. Bflodan at the wheel for this weeks contest! Everybody enter and soak me
  44. This weeks contest Everybody wins that enters 8/12
  45. WAA LAAA Baby Sparky is the judge this week Come pick my pockets!
  46. Flbent is up as judge this week hot seat enter the contest!
  47. This weeks contest is Chili Head...bring it on and extra points for peppers!
  48. Oh RIp? You ready to judge? This weeks contest 9-9
  49. WIN FREE STUFF1 This weeks contest Chili Head is back as judge 9-16
  50. More People need to enter the contest this week! Tent is the judge
  51. This weeks contest! 9-30-11
  52. Anybody want some free Big Poppa Bucks? Enter the contest!
  53. This weeks contest! Jack Daniels Bonus
  54. Deb's the Judge1 This weeks contest is on1
  55. 11-4 Contest Make us proud Dazzle us for poppas cash!
  56. This weeks Contest Come on Rookies! 11-11-11
  57. Contest! pre Thanksgiving Contest! 11-18-11
  58. Thanksgiving Contest....Make it big and good If there are 15 entries
  59. PTSD Contest. 12-2-11 COntest!
  60. December 9 Contest...Lets get some winter action!
  61. DEC 16th contest...cmon take a break from shopping and cook!
  62. CHRISTMAS CONTEST!!!!2011 Bring on the goods!
  64. Start the new year off with a big contest!
  65. Friday the 13th Contest! Need 13 entries to double the Stakes!
  66. Contest! Jan 20! Lets see some polar bear cooking
  67. BBQ Season starts! 1 27 contest!
  68. Big Contest! Where's Winter? Enter to win!
  69. Contest Baby! Enter and pick my pockets!
  70. Contest 2-17 come on and fire up that smoker....
  71. Contest contest contest 2-24
  72. Can Contest get anybetter? Only One Wau to Find Out! ENTER!
  73. Spring is springing! Contest Baby! Enter for free money!
  74. Contest! It just keeps getting better! Get free stuff enter!
  75. Contest Contest Contest 3-23....Keep the ball rolling and get free stuff from BPS
  76. Cmon you slackers! Enter the contest Pick my pockets
  77. Easter Contest....Double money for 20 cooks1
  78. OK Lets blow the doors of this weeks contest!
  79. Another Contest! Whoop Whoop Waa Laa!
  80. Contest Contest!!!! Enter to win!
  81. Contest!!!! has Spring Sprung?
  82. If it's Friday..It must mean a new CONTEST!!!!!
  83. Git her done! Contest Contest Cont test
  84. Contest! This week separate bonus for newbie!
  85. T.g.i.t.w.b.t.m.c contest contest contest
  86. Contest Enter Enter Enter Everybody is a winner 6-22-12
  87. Friday Contest Again...Cmon Newbies! 6-29-12
  88. Contest! Everybody enter! 7-6-12
  89. Contest Friday The Thirteenth! Whooopeeee!
  90. Contest! Keep the fabulous Entries coming!
  91. Contest..Lets get some cooking going!!!!
  92. fridays contest...lets see if we can get 20 entries!
  93. Fridays Contest..lets get some of the vets back
  94. Contest! Get 25 entries
  95. Big Grand Poppa is paying double for 25 cooks in this weeks contest
  96. Labor Day Weekend...BP has gone nuts!!!!!!!Contest contest contest
  97. Enter to win Contest...everbody can soak me1
  98. Johnny Triggs Birthday....Rib Contest this week!"
  99. The Contest is on us! Time Flies..Earn credit cook food...easy.
  100. Contest! Been really strong lately Keep it going!
  101. Friday Again???? Contest Contest enter to win
  102. Cantest! Week after the Royal Win...Lets see some royal cooking
  103. Contest contest contest. Winner winner pick pop pas pockets
  104. Contest! This week it's all about you!
  105. Im late but there is a contest this week
  106. Never Fear the contest is here!
  107. Lets see some new blood in the Contest Enter now!
  108. Hey lets have the contest include todays Thanksgiving meal!
  109. Can you cook? Yeah Enter the Contest!
  110. King of the smokers contest
  111. Hey its Friday again! Whoa does time fly!
  113. New Years Contest...Have to have 15 entries to double the prizes!
  114. Hey there is a contest this week Real life got in the way
  115. Contest! What winter!
  116. Contest Scooter is the judge...make him work! Make him sweat! Enter!
  117. SUPER BOWL CONTEST! Enter to win!
  118. HOt Dang Its Cold But not too cold for a contest!!!!!!
  119. Contest???????? Contest!!!!!! Contest$$$$$$$
  120. (<6 entries posted) Snow cant keep our diehards away form the contest..ENTER TO WIN
  121. Carryover contest! Enter to win Guaranteed winner
  122. Contest! Daylight Savings time! SPring is around the corner
  123. They are off and running! I'm at Santa Anita and you are entering the CONTEST!
  124. 3/22/2013 Contest - Third weeks a charm/...Lets get some entries this week!
  125. Come get free Big Poppa Smokers Stuff Contest!!!!!!
  126. I think Spring has Sprung...Time to enter the contest!
  127. Contest!!! Lets dazzle them!
  128. The contest is growing Keep it up!
  129. Hey lets have a contest!
  130. No Excuse not to enter the contest this week! Lurkers sign up ....
  131. hey the contest is on! fire it up and win some bbq stuff!
  132. IN it to win it! Enter the contest...
  133. Memorial Day Contest! Enter to wiin!
  134. Contest back this week Lets see whwat we get!
  135. Lets Kill it for a LABOR DAY CONTEST!!!!! EVERYBODY WINS
  136. OK I know its cold out there...POLAR BEAR CONTEST
  137. Memorial Day Photo Contest
  138. How about a contest to liven things up?
  139. Any new contests?
  140. Any new contests?