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  1. ♣ St. Patty's Day - Anybody...
  2. Shameless Plug...Big Poppa's Rubs are In Stock!
  3. Meatloaf (Not the Singer)
  4. friends
  5. Ace of Hearts BBQ Specialties
  6. Big Ole Strube Shipment!
  7. Little brisket flat
  8. How many stick to the same recipe?
  9. When does a recipe become yours?
  10. This weeks Contest..CLif is the Judge Bring it on!
  11. Bad news - Good news...
  12. Back in the game
  13. Big Poppa Smokers Wins its First Grand Championship
  14. New Pellet Grill owner
  15. Happy Birthday to Tenthunter!
  16. To foil or not to foil, that is the question
  17. To brine our not to brine
  18. Very Nice little plug on antoher forum for BPS Rubs.
  19. Got the Goods
  20. Number of Views
  21. Need Help
  22. In search of Sparky Ribs
  23. What Does Your Spice Shelf Look Like?
  24. A BIG Thank You!!!
  25. What the heck was this butcher thinking about???
  26. My apology to my friends on the forum.
  27. Looking For Some Suggestions
  28. Double Duty ... Smoked Tri-Tip & Teriyaki Jerky
  29. Bacon Salt.
  30. So who is Little Louie? And why...
  31. Mixing BBQr's Delight Pellets
  32. Swine Assassins Number One Team in KCBS uses Big Poppa Double Secret!
  33. London Broil
  34. Thrill of the grill
  35. Do you line your Grease Pan with foil?
  36. problem with auger tube clogging up
  37. It's Offical, My new MAK is home.
  38. Brined Ribs?
  39. When do you apply Smoke? At the beginning or end of a cook?
  40. 1st MAK Ribs ... Leasons learned!!
  41. Great Question
  42. Crazy, Crazy Weather!
  43. Apple Smoked 11 lb Turkey
  44. Smokin J's BBQ IL -Tough Skin Issue
  45. BBQ media: How do you stay connected to the world of BBQ?
  46. New Portable Smoker
  47. Do you cover your grill
  48. Does anyone have a recipie for a pork rub?
  49. Smoked Bacon
  50. Happy Birthday Bear!
  51. Had to post it here, since he said the word "smokers"...
  52. First Pork Shoulder! Need some advice
  53. Spatchcock definition and origin
  54. Starting a 90 day weight loss challenge this weekend, will my poor MAK be neglected?
  55. De Bunking Beer Can Chicken. It's a hoax
  56. How many #'s of pellets a week do you burn?
  57. What is your favorite thing to cook on your pellet smoker?
  58. How much longer will 6 Spatchcock chickens take vs 2?
  59. What's your favorite HOT sauce?
  60. I'm Here
  61. I'll Be Seeing Nepas Today...oh yeah and new non pellet smoker pics
  62. Testing new Fish Mat with Salmon
  63. What does your area make or grow that is special?
  64. Finally got my Yoder YS-640
  65. REALLY disappointed with my Traeger
  66. Results and Pics from Osage City
  67. Your Journey
  68. 100% Flavor Wood Pellets
  69. Shameless Plug. Little Louies with Black Pepper.
  70. Marinade Express
  71. Question for Treager owners?
  72. Jimsbarbeque Your Wifes Maple Cake is the best
  73. Cold Smoker
  74. O/T Factory tour videos of my guitar factory
  75. Guess who is coming to dinner? SPARKY!
  76. How do I enlighten people who
  77. I have not cooked an entree inside since
  78. Favorite Rub and Smoking Wood for Turkey
  79. smoking a corned beef brisket
  80. Ham
  81. Is it my imagination or did the Meadow Creek PR36 go up in price?
  82. Plowboy's Big Win at Pleasant Hill, MO
  83. First cook on the MAK
  84. Apple Smoked Pork Loin Backribs
  85. smoking a raw pork shoulder picnic ham help.
  86. what do you do different
  87. More Ribs
  88. Its the long weekend
  89. Does Weight Matter
  90. Vacuum Tumbler to brine/marinate?
  91. MAK damaged in shipping...all is well now
  92. Take and bake pizza grill grates vs stone
  93. Any tips or recipes for smoking a Wild Turkey?
  94. Rub Recommendations!
  95. chicken breasts
  96. Chicken Drumstick/Wing Holder test on MAK
  97. Pellet Grills
  98. Ribeye Whole Boneless with all the Trimmings
  99. In Rocky MTNC
  100. MAK Faith? The Overnight Cook
  101. My very first smoke....
  102. SOW Helps Kick-off BBQ Season In British Columbia!!
  103. Nepas & Wife OTR
  104. Easter Boneless Shoulder Butts for 15
  105. Mak #400
  106. Happy Birthday 383inTheD
  107. Temp gauge
  108. BGEgger Considering Coming Over To The Pellet Side
  109. Vegas $125,000
  110. Scott's BBQ Sauce and Big Moe's BBQ Sauce - Gallon Sizes are now 10% off!
  111. Pellet Smoking has simplified my cooking
  112. Fish and Chips
  113. Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cordon Blue
  114. Ribs that are not too sweet...?
  115. Boredom Meets Food
  116. New Advertising Campaign?
  117. Look What Arrived!
  118. MAK Grills Vesta Awards Ceremony
  119. Don't be shy!
  120. Tri-Tip and "The Nectar of the gods ... "
  121. You know whats fun?
  122. This weekend a perfect storm of flavors
  123. Mesquite Pellets
  124. MAK 402 Reporting for Duty
  125. Pellet grill for RV'ing
  126. Dont shoot me...Im just the cook
  127. What would you do without Costco?
  128. More Strube Ranch Wagyu Added to Big Poppa's Site
  129. Moose?
  130. Tonight Best in Smoke on Food network
  131. Took The First Baby Step Today
  132. I am now a pellet smoker!
  133. Fire bricks in Mak?
  134. Hot Smoked Fresh Wild Pacific Rockfish
  135. Pellet smoking here I come
  136. MAC 402 Photo Album
  137. MAC 402 First Cook
  138. Is there going to be anymore cooking videos?
  139. Smoked spices
  140. Smoking Nuts
  141. 6 lb brisket... need help
  142. How did you discover.......
  143. MAK 402 would like to know...
  144. Happy Birthday nolesfan954
  145. How many butts for 20?
  146. Shout out to Chris Lilly and Ken Hess of Big Bob Gibson MIM CHAMPS
  147. How many of you cook on pellets exclusively?
  148. Quick, informal poll; how to serve baby backs?
  149. Hasty bake, Meadow creek or Weber Kettle?
  150. hey Kids Just a reminder
  151. Baby Backs or Spares?
  152. Rib tips....what do you do with them?
  153. Cook it all
  154. For those of you new to pellet smoking.........
  155. The Overnight Cook In Which I Have Nothing To Show For...
  156. shrimp and Desert Gold
  157. Lighter Fare
  158. Rib Membrane - How do you remove it?
  159. Tri-Tip... FINALLY!!!
  160. What other equipment have you had to buy...
  161. Some friendly tips when visiting a Competition
  162. Turkey Recipe
  163. Yet another pork butt question.
  164. Mangalitsa pork
  165. Akaushi beef?
  166. Diving Right In
  167. Comfort Food ... Smoker Style
  168. Cleaning My Pellet Smoker
  169. Forum
  170. Real Urban BBQ, a pellet smoking restaurant.
  171. Freezing Cooked Ribs
  172. Thinking about purchasing a Pellet grill/smoker....need advice please.
  173. Which one?
  174. What's your go to........
  175. Unsolicited Plug For Big Poppa's Double Secret Steak Rub
  176. Broke Two Traffic Records Here Yesterday!
  177. USDA Revises Meat temp guidelines
  178. It's been crazy!
  179. Great news! Usda Finally Changes the safe food cooking temps
  180. Need some creative ideas for non bbq lovers (yet)
  181. O/T Im going to the Idol Finals Tomorrow!
  182. Thank you candy weaver!
  183. Advice wanted for first butts on new pellet cooker
  184. World Grill & BBQ Championship 2011, Gronau Germany
  185. BBQ Family (Long)
  186. Pulled Beef...Chuck roast?
  187. Dessert Anyone?
  188. Is it OK to freeze ribs before smoking?
  189. My Boy
  190. Great article/video on Yahoo
  191. I always have too try it and then ask myself why .
  192. Hey, Thanks
  193. Oh the choices.....
  194. Traeger...Where's the smoke??
  195. The art of foil
  196. New Glue
  197. New Traeger on the way, any seasoning tips?
  198. Memorial Day Bash
  199. Smokers
  200. Is it sacrilege?
  201. NEPAS Smokeout
  202. Quail smoking
  203. Cowtown Sauces 10% off in the BPS Store!
  204. BP Shipment Received Today
  205. yoder ys 640
  206. Food Tenderizing
  207. Beer can chicken -- brine it?
  208. Fast Eddy
  209. Besides smoking.......
  210. So this Meadow Creek PR36....
  211. After months of forum reading.....
  212. Brisket and ribs on the new Yoder YS-640
  213. Mop or brush?
  214. MAK 2 Star #500
  215. Have MAK - will travel
  216. New Big Poppa Smokers Website Launched Today!
  217. Dont panic Forum will be down for about an hour tonight
  218. Traeger Texas Elite grill a wise buy?
  219. Disaster BBR
  220. pellet smoking in high wind area
  221. Oak Smoked Butcher Shop Seasoned Tri-Tip
  222. First Beef Brisket
  223. Last Nights Cook at the Comp in Costa Mesa
  224. BBQ-ing and Grilling what's the difference ? There is one ? :)
  225. Annie's EVOO
  226. New accessories
  227. What percentage of teams use pellet smokers in competition?
  228. The third cooiking principle. The one they dont talk about
  229. new to pellet smoking and need help!
  230. How bout a shout out to .............
  231. Fathers Day!
  232. New Grill
  233. Developing skills
  234. Countdown To The NePaSO
  235. Meat temperatures
  236. Thank you Sparky!!
  237. Finally found some Annie's Garlic EVOO..
  238. So many choices..how to choose
  239. It's the Dad Life!
  240. Smoke
  241. Christmas Already?
  242. Who taught you.........
  243. I want to make a ton of cobblers this summer...need your recipe!
  244. Programmed MAK Pellet Boss Prime Rib..Home Run
  245. What is best time to visit a competition?
  246. Whole chickens on pellet grill -- how big?
  247. Pulled Pork
  248. Worlds Dirtiest Pellet Grill..Dont look Scooter!
  249. What is your go to dish?
  250. Don't practice on you guests!