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05-06-2011, 10:50 PM
I'm frustrated and now looking for some help. My wife and I are full-time RV'ers and love to BBQ. Over the last 35 yrs we have had a Weber, two Traeger's, a Kamado, and now a Cookshack smoker. Whatever I select needs to ride on deck of my Freightliner FL60. That means that I have to get it up to the 39" deck height.

I looked at a fellow RV'ers new Traeger Junior. Rusting is already obvious and it was new last fall. Friend also complains about the 'black grease' that is leaking onto the hitch platform on the back of his 5th wheel.

I really like the build and features of a MAK Two star, but after driving two hours just to see one, I was frustrated by the fact that the very same things that make it attractive make it too darn HEAVY for a sixty two year old to lift more that three and a half feet in the air.

Does anyone know of any make that would solve the problem? I really would like a pellet grill but can't find one that I can actually use (except for the traeger Junior). Wife says I'm crazy 'cause pellets are bulking, heavy and not found everywhere.

Big Poppa
05-07-2011, 05:10 AM
I think that you may have to improvise or settle for the Traeger. Jimsbarbeque made a lift sysetem to hook up to his hitch for carting his mak around. Maybe if you post a pic of the FL60 (nice unit by the way!) and where it has to go we can help with some ideas. the first one is to look at the one star instead

Your wifes right. But your taste buds win out.

love the year round rv thing....do you chase weather?