View Full Version : IBCA Delight, AR

Candy Sue
04-30-2012, 07:48 AM
Cooked close to home this past weekend -- Delight is about 120 miles away. Besides how could BBQr's Delight miss a contest in Delight, hometown of Glen Campbell!

I was sick as a dog -- caught a cold in Jeff City. If'n I'd paid my money and sent product ahead of time (BBQr's Delight sponsored kids Q) I'd've stayed home. I didn't so I had to go. Had a great time regardless. Delight has one of the best locations for a contest, flat gravel parking, facilities and good electricity. Potato soup and corn bread for dinner Friday.

I was in a pattern, got 7th in brisket, 8th in chicken, ribs and overall. Russell, Just Add Sauce won the big Arkansas trophy (I got it last year!). Carter Allen won kids Q, coming back hard after a DAL last year. Good Time for Certain!