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11-27-2010, 11:16 PM
Everyone loves my nutz:p:o
I take almonds and pecans, and get just wet enough on the surface to hold some rub. once coated with rub, they get 1.5-2hrs at 250 in the cooker.:

11-28-2010, 04:59 AM

11-28-2010, 06:17 AM
Oh very cool! I haven't smoked nuts yet. I know a major nut supplier & was thinking of getting a bunch and smoking some up for the wife (she loves smoked almonds & cashews).

He he, she thinks I'm the smoked nut (and she's probably right)!

Big Poppa
11-28-2010, 07:10 AM
Andy can you share any of the details?

Cowgirl sent me some of her smoked nuts. THey were out of this world.

11-28-2010, 09:01 AM
There are several options:
You can go for a blend of something like a Vietnamese Soy Sauce, Worcestershire, and a touch of your favorite hot sauce. Then put a a santa maria seasoning or Yardbird on them.

If you like a sweet heat, Go with a honey/cider blend, and use something like Mary's Cherry rub, or John Henry's Cherry Chipotle.

Other than that, just use enough to coat the nuts... That bowl full of nuts used less than 1/4 cup of liquid. I toss rub in the bowl and coat, then give a final sprinkle on the sheet that is going into the cooker. Cooking time as noted above.

Another favorite is Using something like a Yoshida's gourmet sauce, and Smokin' Guns Hot rub. You can obviously make your own rubs, I have a few I used to make, but have just found the closest commercial rub available to meet the profile.
Is that what you are looking for?

Big Poppa
11-28-2010, 01:33 PM
yes so you only need a little liquid and mix the rub into the liquind then coat and sprinke again after coated?

11-28-2010, 03:02 PM
I just pour the liquid over the nuts, and stir to coat them.... then sprinkle rub and stir in bowl.... final dusting once on the tray. The first three pics show the raw nuts, after I pour in liquid, then on the tray after the final sprinkle. the other two shots are after coming out of the cooker. I've got some bagged up for the weekend. or maybe we'll just have to make some with whatever we have on hand. :)

Big Poppa
11-28-2010, 03:22 PM
That will be fun!