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03-23-2018, 07:25 PM
The other day was my birthday and I decided I wanted some smoked country sausage. So I mixed and smoked up a batch on the MAK 1 Star.

Country Sausage (fairly common around these parts) is a simple, mild sausage seasoned primarily with Salt & Pepper. It can be made into patties and fried up, or with the addition of some Cure#1 it can be stuffed and smoked. I like a mix of red & black pepper, and when I stuff it into casings I also like to add a little whole mustard seeds.

What I really like about this sausage is that because the flavor is uncomplicated, when smoked, it allows the smoke to shine as a primary flavor ingredient.

Here's the basic recipe:

Country Sausage
(for breakfast Patties)
1 lb ground pork (or other meat if preferred)
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Black pepper (or a mix of red pepper flakes & black pepper)
1 fl. oz water

Mix the seasonings with the water until salt is dissolved. Mix with the ground meat. Form into patties and fry as you would normally.

Smoked Country Sausage
5 lbs ground pork (or other meat if preferred)
4 tsp Salt
1 tsp Cure #1 (6.25% Sodium Nitrite)
2 1/2 tsp Black Pepper (or 1 1/4 tsp each red Pepper Flakes & Black Pepper)
1 1/4 tsp Mustard Seeds (optional)
5 fl. oz Water

Mix the seasonings & curing salt with the water until salts are dissolved. Thoroughly mix with the ground meat. Stuff into casings and smoke as you normally would to an Internal temp of 150 - 154.

Here are the natural hog casings soaking, seasonings gathered and mixed with the water.
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/XQ2dasVc8DiOFaEogtLT3mys5-4YhMV_fvExwuHYoY5J_QXxnd4jn-DO7dvx0VPS8vTd1d6RCBD-_zoZn6rgaTGf-m79cAdTV49EkAbe1TXV-psK0IvylvgxvM8GMWT1sBE8WGKzhTN2nnpFFG7bYQBsCs5Jbbc vW-TjLO9HxVSJouzbJDOBDq85BZ-Lx4S-cpOrC--eyw3g6jUbdKH0FJbRIzPByWuigbcgjWm8zFeJizYEcW7LqJuNs uHYP2fm5ntsCFEAunMjELCybgWAw7g21YE6vHg7pSzH6VsT-nn82aMHi72tz_mizke3wmV6JjGNY9hoBxaGeaSvZPW3prNxR3P H70i-JHzXGrlzkWTh1BqdwTNowrZg9tRa5C1kFul5tcGVhSJD9g1VlC 1jw0T3qD-Y9TA06Tcq6T28zO2GxtbK62mcC9uH3wlsSrV4wXRDcsmX19kqL vgfMfy7h6RneX7sEy8jZtzxT7DzI36UqretPUoS3IKO7v7gsEi hn5kApKcv1RbstzUFPfb1En-1hGjHMcrKYDKRM373Phc9m3jejbezoVp-hrG8aK85GH8I3NfcEfCLK47aTjVdhfxDS3JXgEOgnFZp_So=w7 40-h278-no

The sausage thoroughly mixed and stuffed.
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/LYdujYidtRpHP1Y4N-JsSGaGN97CQo_fDG58T2MVsOQE7tTKw7SMg0YkFvZyNngydafE ASBptikfs54I2HqOqIjrN1tkC0fXBrEtvBc6jdwT-zJuc1qtN0Xxe-xkaDs2QIWMnNHzVu4WacflYY2hfMT62dCXf6IcrTPib4tDIGpi KVwQbyNAih6b8Bn2kTDjVC54d9OP2hrsbHzNHvazNnAYDIAt7v SkmeYgmhV1sPU1vHf28BZxWLanlPFOsZIt0F4Rhsbo3WmnKOX7 L1JwW7-YXse0Y7Yfm-JqZNrxRuTUMf6rSyehYsd8OL15s-oMNBFJXwSK8B9XsUTRcYvGR9C8MC8HRRrq18YXeaD9qYjgK1v_ X2-D8FFRtM8SJGJiJauzM5p9Agmz6Zs6UIMwrUQUOZWwJ6bYaB6B0-Ve-mDfCLQVXpiMMUjB-N8rCKkCvndXY-_Ra1GImzL_t4bBLc8kJUuwqV4oDYdcGvJGpY8wa7eWrsTLzOEz FkdNNLpooGFAfWLp43IJpjhiuhoQuxNae1r-GecV-N4zTuBn-HwOt_BPtc3z7HFHkLcvcvNqFz_Zz9OZ1yTS7wMKYOh13KjZ3QR cGclZPY0XRRA=w710-h506-no

I did a short cold-smoke for about an hour with some Cherry wood pellets (using the smoking wedgie - back right corner), then turned the MAK on and hot-smoked (cherry/oak mix) to an average internal temp of 152 (Smoke mode on the MAK). I always love the color difference of before & after the smoke!
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ikhG5065PapBoHJmAiK86aG3Uoj0r1CnJiTdzz41wisIc8x2bt VF2Oz3ln8EtnCxF17ZenVCezff4WVYiVYyJkecZU_A7PvtCczV LP0S_XR6qwzLUeSidqL239KdiS-PGEAiKAVcFmWdUHuIj8JPdrhBEKZOmLd817zub98re-mDEWJeE7e6n9M9hizkZawThAfdXF_tNLCKYrAtTp9RECtzoX4P h90pYYPoh6RdLD9Q7bV0WNzM6ltnidT8eLeOOSYuPiuDUvJgxN Lxkz2KJQVp2yCwgNnRam8Wx0xGVVAthtsKUT40O2YrN1VjA8PY PdGZ3LR1hYEc5LqO6qnBg9Yf1JCdAuIw_6fTFnbS6kwvNrYKrB NLxetaPG7FA38UTzMdkkzhwWSpLzqFVF6cTRxSAcn6GCnT25y3 wvbKjbEUkP-g3gx8OTNzytL6XsH9hCrlpyzvL3ZTHhGcR5C9d9gOhILOeExLZ zEBdWutvV1R3WStjCbHdwoCWceasiEljPUgmn5-MulNMqRJzQ6k1rbbbpN9tPzQckvDTjeFDOsYOOO2LYVWLeqWTc hJkBmttGrpVrWAwwlyD7p-f4G8FymSggAmtTleh5eNCB4=w740-h360-no

As soon as it comes off the smoker it goes into a cold water bath for a quick cool down to around 100-110. This prevents any further fat loss, and keeps the sausages nice and plump! Then remove them from the water to finish cooling to room temperature (this is really all the blooming that regular smoked sausages need). Once the sausages have cooled to room temp they can be put in the fridge to finish cooling and allow the fat to congeal for good marbling.
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/emi6jPbrTZObmCDsdHwWXTVTE1FbFNhbNiWBL5o-8eYtgk4_4v6iil40rE8hZJCnOWUls__PtwBh0PzLl8Uq8KNlaH qw-pyLWvOImLrvQC6s-3ZjNy-IwI5-8zkHa8wUILyGXYSywAfsYZ6sxDQGj7nRp3clsz7S9W-SSOiX8Rog1Br4hG-DY-aLcZ_I-8CiWnxV5xdUZ7svPFRhIL8RGKUNfMtsqlwdmYjtCXdde9Zb6Qn 41YJxDfvQ7sxmY_tcnh0xp2SQpARwbvHt4BJeas-K2Mil5cLPhj29X-5gUd7_4rJN5e3ve0kEmiYxG2My0keZJlDwNtyVTbs7bgbpEf2i GLTAZVdu6Allc2obsSok8wYLjnAwYoBE6eIGCGqykwS_zep0I_ wbH3zzqEsYCxYHYgrSv3k2GCyEe5i-qCXf-I0oLNhHN22twSUwXkAZ8vJhbncvsh1GRUk0GHP92GBb6G4wxWz N2_yFkP3lKjmCXoV1dr1cqxTyB5E0LZKce9W_3DPmmIWsQWcRe IBP1xjTOidT52-IEMxqisuDeJNc-bogx-ZoVAShcuFoUvMJencblBo3--GAVx7y2goHMxMopQS2CP_WADMghrU=w740-h356-no

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/mstL3-xegnlkDGC4tNu2owuHPXP8MUzseMpPssWf7xqgCP2DPghj_Z99 OLd9q3gAYcyEKGOG_8e1YWjyvJT7iJJXtkNefGe5j6ikWBM6q0 4gcG8BLlkcp68X0VLGoRPfE6CCV3yd9EmwDAcvvUMB3R4ddXH9 uohJxob9llgFa0pIKWidsHfw2XvgSPrJkAV1RgHvdEqiOZNrNU u0vvoAiBiMnh10vEr_1q-BkiX9NDMQLHZAC1f4vMf9gpG9nYWR0rksud7cuEdjGBBkRUcXy KtNa1ImHwOJ1dNJoCCfqAN5SIBLe_HXXtZOy51PuPZOi5H0VwA S9zuuAkWa4RjvfMkccdgIJWd3nUY0R-XGiW0m-0JmxWu83AOqYIOhgcKJAB2KFBNXdnUzjfORcPOff1JUsjdAmQJ KMGdL4nwiKlt8shp_DCG_FJ8R5B3ybqor0KPZhMMwcaV2l_rDP ssio9dLb_3ir4vKAbKclO6fjbQQR2RYBzVV3eZmhxWXLbTTWml Dh4etCKELLGS6e0hHFCO7JfMpmDfyUPPJdX494Cdcn7-o7OQHtIiXY3RjFZynKBXA6mJNTuFK9VlCxA5wO4ehk-uVo_GeYqLKhs0=w640-h480-no

Thanks for looking!


NorCal Smoker
03-25-2018, 07:51 AM
That looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing the details.

NorCal Smoker
03-25-2018, 09:19 PM
One question....why did you use cure #1 if you were going to smoke it. Is it because you cold smoked for a short time.

03-26-2018, 09:44 AM
First, yes, if you are going to cold smoke it then you SHOULD use cure #1 to stay safe and prevent possible botulism.

Second, the Cure #1 does other things besides just killing C. Bultulinum bacteria.

If you weren't cold smoking it, and only hot-smoking (temps of 165 - 185 - Smoke mode on a MAK), then you COULD get by without the Cure #1, BUT you wouldn't have the same uniform color, taste and texture that's typical with a cured & smoked sausage.

With the addition of Cure #1 you only need to take the sausage to a minimum 150 for it to be considered fully cooked (USDA standards).

So in a nutshell, for smoked sausages cure #1 gives a better, and safer final product.

I explain this in more detail and show a comparison of hot smoked sausages with and without the addition of cure #1 here: How to Hot Smoke Sausages on a Pellet Grill (http://www.pelletsmoking.com/searching-cure-26/how-smoke-sausage-pellet-grill-smoker-6367/)

NorCal Smoker
03-26-2018, 05:51 PM
Thanks. So much still to learn.

03-26-2018, 11:33 PM
No problem! If I can learn it so can you! And it's a great (not to mention tasty) journey that I'm still on myself!

04-01-2018, 10:38 AM
I'm cornfused. I thought you were not supposed to eat curing salt.

04-01-2018, 01:55 PM
I'm cornfused. I thought you were not supposed to eat curing salt.

I'm not sure where you heard or read that, or exactly what you mean by "not suppose to eat...". :confused:

We're not talking about just eating Cure #1 in place of table salt; THAT you are NOT suppose to do (which is why it's dyed pink so it's not confused with regular table salt). We're talking about using it for its intended purpose and that is for curing sausages, hams, bacon and the like. Used properly for that purpose it's perfectly safe.

You actually face more of a health risk by not using it in certain foods (such as cold-smoke sausages) than you would by using it.

Cure #2 is the same way, but it's formulated specifically for dry-cured & fermented prducts such as salami, Lebanon Bologna, and the like.

More info here: Curing Salt, Nitrites/Nitrates & Botulism - PelletSmoking.com (http://www.pelletsmoking.com/searching-cure-26/curing-salt-nitrites-nitrates-botulism-6364/)

Edit: I just saw your post about your bacon dry rub cure spreadsheet. Seemingly dumb question, but since you asked about curing salt I'll ask anyway: Aren't you using Cure #1 in your bacon dry rub?