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Great Gatsby

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Sometimes, dreams can be harmful and dangerous for people. On the one hand, dreaming motivates people to reach success and be better, but on the other hand, dreams distance people from reality and spoil them. However, the most difficult situation for a person is the moment when he/she has reached the goal. Then, one considers whether it is better to stop or continue and maintain the success. Nevertheless, when somebody connects their dream with money in the society which estimates only money and status, then this dream becomes corrupted and flawed, and probably, this is what has happened to Jay Gatsby while dreaming about Daisy Buchanan.
Taking into account the story of their first acquaintance, Gatsby’s motivation to become rich in order to win Daisy seems logical. Nevertheless, his character is not really appropriate for the goal which he aims at. He combines his dream to return Daisy with making money. Actually, he is right attempting to seduce her with his money and status because Daisy whom he meets at Nick’s house is different from that Daisy whom he fell in love with. At the same time, Gatsby’s point of view that Daisy will love him more if he becomes more popular and rich makes his dream flawed.
Dreams spoil people when they do nothing in order to make it real. Daisy wastes five years of her life with a man whom she does not love while Gatsby is too undetermined to struggle for a woman he loves. As a result, it leads to very sad consequences. Daisy turns into a heartless woman who prefers to be a silly pretty girl rather than wise and sensible woman. Gatsby wastes a lot of money to arrange expensive parties for people who do not know or care about him, hoping that someday Daisy would attend his house. He could not even invite her, asking Nick to do it for him. Even taking into account all details of their relationship, Gatsby had to do the first step for achieving his dream.
Additionally, The Great Gatsby is an illustration of the failure of American Dream. Gatsby who has a magnificent mansion, parties on every weekend, fast cars and everything he wants is not happy because he cannot be with a woman he loves. Moreover, he does not feel that he is loved and needed. Although all his property is not what he was dreaming about, it is supposed to make him happier. However, without Daisy, all the things which he owns make no sense.
Pure dreams were impossible in the society described by Francis Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby. People who dream about love cannot succeed in the society where morals and ethics mean nothing. Gatsby cannot make his dream real because Daisy, who has lived five years in this flawed society, is not able to achieve her own dreams, which are similar to Gatsby’s. Having everything he could buy, Gatsby is not able to buy Daisy. When he strives to become rich, he struggles and works hard, but when he tries to return Daisy, he does almost nothing. Perhaps, Gatsby’s dreams become flawed when they reach the final stage. The same may be related to Daisy. Not only is she unable to achieve her dreams, she also becomes unable to decide her destiny. Moreover, it is difficult to imagine pure dreams in the society where nobody dreams about true love, except for Gatsby.

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