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Adolescent Drinking

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With regard to the environmental pollution around the world and the widespread of various harmful substances of different origin, health is one of the most important spheres of social concerns nowadays. Only a healthy population is the one that can prosper and grow while physically and psychologically weak people are bound to degenerate and deteriorate the world around them. Therefore, the mind and body of people should function properly in order to live happily without causing any discomfort to self and others. At the same time, everyone knows that the older people get, the more the consequences of their pastime in youth can manifest as their organisms get “worn out.” nursing student cover letter for resume Therefore, the younger age and especially the adolescence, when the main physical and moral potential is formed, is the period that needs particular attention from the older and younger representatives of society. For this reason, understanding the importance of the healthy adolescents is a serious contribution to the social capital. All the possible efforts directed to decreasing the alcohol consumption among adolescents by means of raising the awareness of people of all ages and professions and limiting the possible ways to attract the attention of teenagers to such “entertainment” should be limited. With regard to all of the tasks and changes in the modern world, this paper is focused on the main ways of estimating the possible influence on the younger generations, and reduction of the negative consequences by means of deep analysis and implementation of some anti-alcohol events or programs through numerous sources including live presentations, lectures and all possible multimedia forms.
Regarding the human organism, one should pay attention to the younger people, who are on some definite stage of formation physically or mentally. While the physical characteristics including the brain of the young individuals are on the stage of development and can absorb the harmful substances with serious negative long-term consequences, the psychology of the adolescents is also very sensible and impressive. In such a way, the results of the alcohol influenced are twice more strong than those for the adults. Hence, there are good reasons to pay attention to the artificial substances that can influence this development in a negative way. Among such, drug abuse, smoking and finally, alcohol should be pointed out. All of them are influential for the emotional and health state of any person. However, alcohol abuse among the adolescents and teenagers is one а the most serious concerns for its easy access at the parties, regular appearance on TV, in the advertisements and beloved movies. Such situation is quite dangerous for the whole nation as it has a mass influence on the whole generation. Actually, the broad picture with all possible short-term and long-term consequence must be brought to the conscience of all society members. For the developing individuals, the proper environment and example of the behavior is very important. It influences several of their decisions including drinking or drug abuse. The statistics about the deaths among people under 21 that happen by these or that reason in the drunk state are striking. Suicides, homicides, burns, falls, drownings, car accidents and many other awful consequences of the alcohol abuse are met in the news daily. Nevertheless hard and light alcohol drinks consumption stays the widely spread pastime of people of different age.
A number of scholarly psychological journals, books and media sources have represented such factors as having serious impact on the children’s behavior. For instance, their article, Collins investigated the reasons and consequences of the adolescent drinking. As a result, the scholars have proved that alcohol advertising is an essential factor that exposes the younger generation to drinking. The testing showed that 50 % of adolescents, who watched the advertisements, were subsequently more likely to drink. Although not all advertisements are equally effective and impact the young minds differently, the modern society and marketing obviously contribute to adolescent drinking and make this problem grow. Drinking among the college students really is one of the major problems. Regardless prohibition on alcohol use by those who are under 21, many of the US students drink heavy. The increase in alcohol consumption is related to numerous other problems. Among such, the car accidents, losing driver’s license and many others were mentioned.

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