I have an idea - Chicken Souvlaki
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I have an idea - Chicken Souvlaki
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Thread: I have an idea - Chicken Souvlaki

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    Quote Originally Posted by soupyjones View Post
    I was thinking last night about this little Greek restaurant I used to go to a few years ago. They made the best chicken souvlaki I have ever had. I have messed with it a few times over the yeas but so far it hasn't quite been right. If anyone has or can figure out a great souvlaki recipe I would love to see it. Thanks.
    i love it too. let's do this

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    Chicken Souvlaki is not that much easy to cook it needs more perfection and accurate ingredients for better taste ..First you post what are the ingredients added for this..Then we discuss more about that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinSteiny View Post
    man oh man, both of those look superb guys!!!!
    Yes just take a look on first one .If we have that at right time it will be the perfect delicious one.

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    between potato and vegetables.

    A little bit off-topic: what would you guys suggest to choose as a trimming to Chicken Souvlaki? I'm trying to decide between potato and vegetables.


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