Deep Dish Pizza
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Deep Dish Pizza
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Thread: Deep Dish Pizza

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    It looks delicious. Can't wait! But I have to wait until I prepare it.

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    I love deep dish pizza and those are just the right size. I wonder if plain rings would work on top of a pizza stone. My stone is 19 inches. Man those look good! I mean woman those look good!

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    Thank You! Now my wife is going to try this on our Mak ! lol Yummy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deb View Post
    Deep Dish Pizza

    Dough, then mozz cheese, then homemade sausage (italian on left & chicken/basil/tomato on right), then sauce

    parm cheese on top

    to the pellet grill

    finished (missed a cut piece)

    Wow!!!! Its Awesome... Lemme try this....

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    One of my most favorite item 'Pizza'. I love it so far.

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