Got some special peaches at work that were extremely fresh, I had the perfect recipe for them that I have been wanting to try so I brought some home.

Big Poppa has a video recipe for smoked strawberry shortcake on the BPS website that is absolutely to die for. He has suggested trying it with fresh peaches so I gave it a whirl.

Here we go:

Angel food cake on the MAK

Fresh ripe peaches, sliced up, add brown sugar and a little white cranberry peach juice.

Angel food cake done

Let cake cool. Slice and brush with melted vanilla butter

Peaches on the MAK along with the cake slices, kept the peaches on a little longer than I would strawberries to get them a little softer.

Cake nice and toasty

Put the peaches on the cake and top with homemade whip cream, heaven!

This was an amazing dessert, BP was right. The strawberry version is killer but this is over the top. Can't wait for the summer fruit season and all the possibilities!