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Thread: Pizza Pizza

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    Getting the welding down is one thing Zep... Being able to visualize the stuff you come up with is another
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    Quote Originally Posted by muebe View Post
    Getting the welding down is one thing Zep... Being able to visualize the stuff you come up with is another
    I was talking about the welding part. I've been doing this most of my life, but I think with alittle practice and imagination alot of people out there could come up with some pretty neat stuff!

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    What a nice look, I love it.

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    This is amazing. Every time I say to myself do not look at the food and recipes when you are hungry and each time I continue to do it. Pizza looks cool!

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    I recently tried a Papa Murphy's pizza on my Pit Boss Austin XL. I tried it a couple of ways and decided to write a post and create a video. It might be helpful: Pellet Grill Pizza on a Pit Boss Austin XL

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    Yesterday made homemade pizza. The dough was homemade but not sure that matters. Everyone loved it. Here’s what I did and the one change I am considering. I had the diffuser in place and had the baffle all the way open. I put the three direct grill plates on the smokestack side and grilling grates on the rest of the cook zone. I put a baking steel over the grates. I set the temp to 500. I cooked on both surfaces and they both worked well. The only mild disappointment is the top of the crust didn’t brown but it was crispy. I might get another baking steel and put it on the second rack to see if that will reflect the heat and brown the crust. Even if it doesn’t the pizza was great

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