2016 Mak 1 star video
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2016 Mak 1 star video
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Thread: 2016 Mak 1 star video

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    2016 Mak 1 star video

    Are you going to be posting a new video of the 2016 Mak 1 Star?
    Since i don't have a dealer in my area a video would be very helpful plus i just like watching them.

    I have been shopping for awhile and your passion for American made has won me over and yes i will be buying from Big Pappa

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    I would also like to see a video or new photos featuring the 2016 Mak 1 Star. I'm saving up for one but finding cooks who are actually using the new model seems to be scarce. All of the photos & videos are from several years ago.

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    Mak is a small but successful company. They are working very hard at keeping up with the demand all the while still innovating..Things like content take awhile I am waiting for my new One Star and when I get it I will take some videos

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    Thank's Big Poppa that's good news.

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