2019 MAK 2 Star General #3878 Reporting for Duty (Finally)!
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2019 MAK 2 Star General #3878 Reporting for Duty (Finally)!
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Thread: 2019 MAK 2 Star General #3878 Reporting for Duty (Finally)!

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    2019 MAK 2 Star General #3878 Reporting for Duty (Finally)!

    Almost three weeks after arriving, our new 2019 MAK 2 Star General is FINALLY together and in service! (We were in Florida for a week, I came back sick, then we've had almost constant rain.)

    MAKs are built like a tank so putting one together is definitely a 2-person job! Since my son had to work, it was well worth paying our pastor's grandson to come over, after Church, and help me get it assembled. After all the rain we've had, look how badly the yard needed to be mowed!

    Here it is assemble and all shiny. No worries... THAT won't last long!

    After the initial burn-in we went ahead and threw on some venison smoked sausage, hot dogs and a pot of homemade Mac & Cheese. YUM!!!

    I love that the racks, griddle, searing grates, etc. from the 1 Star are all interchangeable with this grill!

    I can't wait to start playing with some of the new features, such as the roaming Temperature Controller, multiple rack positions, better grease draining, etc.!

    I'm also thinking very seriously of getting the MAK Super Smoker Box to go on top of the cold-smoke chamber, with all the sausage making and such that I enjoy.

    Stay Tuned, I'll be posting more about the new features! 8)
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    Congrats Cliff!! Looks awesome. Can't wait to see some more pics of you breaking that baby in!!

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    Looks to nice. Dirty it up
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    The mac'n'cheese is making me hungry!
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    Congratulations Cliff!!! Sure is a beauty!!
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    Wow! Looks great! #3878? #500 needs an upgrade . But wife says no.
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