Auger too slow for Grill mode (sometimes)
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Auger too slow for Grill mode (sometimes)
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Thread: Auger too slow for Grill mode (sometimes)

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    Auger too slow for Grill mode (sometimes)


    Looking for some help with my 2 Star.

    When I want some high temp GRILL temps, my Mak does not always come up to temp. (like 1 out of 10 times).

    I can see that it ignites OK, but after that the auger does not dump enough pellets to get high temps. Its not a issue with the pellets because it seems to work fine the next day..

    I've had my 2 star for almost 8 years now.. I upgraded the Igniter..other than than everything else is original equipment


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    The best advice is to contact MAK, they can get you sorted out and running. I interpret you to say that 1 time in 10 the MAK does not come up to temp i.e. only 10% of the time it doesn't reach temp. By 'upgraded' do you mean you've installed the 'flashfire' igniter? Are you starting with a cleaned out firepot?
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    You should consider upgrading at least the firmware on your Pellet Boss controller. There have been some significant upgrades/changes to the controller over the last 8 years.

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    If you haven't done it yet, also upgrade to the new flame zone, especially if you want quicker, higher temps!

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    The auger will turn continuously when set to grill mode and there is only one speed.
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