Deciding between 1-star and 2-star
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Deciding between 1-star and 2-star
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Thread: Deciding between 1-star and 2-star

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    Quote Originally Posted by shza View Post
    I went ahead and ordered the 1-star, based on the same thinking as SmokeMaster above -- I will be using this as a smoker and indirect grill. I used the extra cash to buy an extra probe, extra 3/4 rack, a Solaire Everywhere for searing (w/o having to deal with/wait on charcoal), and some accessories and an outdoor table for that. I'll keep my Weber gasser for a bit but am hoping I can ditch it with this new combo in place.

    The fact that the 2-star is not available anywhere at the moment also helped push me in this direction.
    Congrats on your new MAK! I'm sure that you'll love it!

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    Congrats on the MAK 1 Star. You're gonna to love it!

    If Big Poppa hasn't shipped your order yet, you should consider adding on a MAK Griddle. It seems pricey, but it's very well made and adds a lot of versatility to your grill. I've said many times that I think the MAK Griddle is the most under-rated accessory they offer!
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    The best 1 - 2 punch in BBQs I've found is a MAK2 for smoking and a BPS drum for smoking/grilling or a Weber kettle.
    From your comments, get the MAK1 and a BPS drum or kettle (A searing grill is a one trick pony). I love the side smoker/warming tray on my 2 Stars! I never thought I'd use it that much either but I was wrong. Keeps meat warm inside or simply keeps platters warm on top, smokes fabulous cheese. I use it all the time. About your comment (a), the stainless will take a fire box beating and keep on looking great better than the powder coating IMO.
    Seriously, with the MAK and a BPS drum you will have the best of both worlds!

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    Love my MAK 2 Star. When you buy a MAK, you buy quality... which is priceless.
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