Difference between MAK grills (1,2,and 4star)
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Difference between MAK grills (1,2,and 4star)
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Thread: Difference between MAK grills (1,2,and 4star)

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    Difference between MAK grills (1,2,and 4star)


    Was wondering about the differences among the grills.
    On my 4 star, there are several ledges in the sides into which you can insert additional grill grates, or raise or lower the level the grates. These are smaller than the main grate that rests on the body of the grill. Are these smaller grates the same size in all the grills are are they all of various different sizes?
    Do the 1 or 2 star have a way to adjust the grate height or add additional grates above the primary grate?
    Do they all have a little mouse hole on the side to insert a meat probe through?


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    The grates on the 4 Star are a unique size of their own.
    The 1 and 2 star have half and full upper grate options that fit approx. in the center height wise, they are not adjustable like the 4 Star.
    Yes, all MAK Grills have a mouse hole for the meat probes to fit through into the cooking chamber.
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    Thanks for the response. I'm looking at making a cold smoke application for my 4 star. I'll let you know how it turns out. I thought it might be applicable to other Mak grills but it seems maybe not. At least not directly with respect to the grate size or max height.

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    My plan is to use the mouse hole to introduce cold smoke and place a DIY grill grate frame with Drop-in smoke sticks to hang links from using the built-in rails that are part of the four star. Of course would only be safe for cured meats, but could potentially be used to amplify smoke flavor in all settings.

    I'll post some photos when I have something to share.


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    Sounds cool! let us know how it goes.
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