Flash Fire/PB Update Issues...
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Flash Fire/PB Update Issues...
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Thread: Flash Fire/PB Update Issues...

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    Flash Fire/PB Update Issues...

    I'll try to keep this as brief as possible...Back around Xmas, I got a Flash Fire igniter to replace a burnt out old style igniter. At the same time, I had Dennis Ogg update my 5 year old MAK to the new software.
    When I first started using the new combo, I noticed that there were much larger variances in Set Temps, as opposed to Grill Temp. Dennis said it had something to do with how the new PB displays the temps and all was OK, so I went forward. On my first overnighter, I had a flame out in the middle of the cook, with pellets overflowing the fire pot. I cleaned everything out and restarted and had a few other flame outs, just trying to get the temps up to the 225 to 250 range. Since then, I've had several flame outs in various different circumstances.
    I called Dennis several times and he told me to try this and try that, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, last week, at the start of a brisket overnighter, I went to start the MAK 2 and it went straight to flame out, without giving any smoke. I opened things up and watched the fire pot after trying to start again and no flame, no heat, no nothing...just pellets.
    Dennis is now sending me another Flash Fire, but I'm afraid the the issue has something to do with the new PB software and Flash Fire. Something doesn't seem right. With the old set up, this MAK was as dependable as it could be. It was my go-to cooker. Now, I can't trust it to do anything. Anyone else had this issue and had it resolved?

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    Something isn't right for sure, call me when you have some time to work through what your seeing.
    The new firmware just starts the grill faster by reading the start temp where the old one had to reach 160 degrees to change out of igniting mode. When the grill is running there is no difference in the way that it controls temperature displays temperature or feeds pellets.
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    Thanks for the quick reply Bob. I really want to get my MAK 2 back to being as dependable as it always had been. I struggled to pay for the cooker, but I never regretted my purchase and still don't. I know that you've always stood behind your cookers and that's why I pulled the trigger on it. Thanks again.

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    No problem that's why we are here, your MAK should be as reliable as the day it was born
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    Wish I could help. My FF system has never glitched once since installing it as a beta tester. Sorry!
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    Lucky...wish I could beta test something. I'm sure it will come out working as awesome as it did before.

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    MAK DADDY, just got the PB and FF installed, tested and first cook done. Kinda a weird rib cook, cuz I purposely incrementally increased the temp from smoke, all the way up to 300. Only odd thing I noticed was an initial overshoot of temp on each increase, that would settle down to within 5* of set temp. Ribs turned out great and I'm happy so far. I have a feeling the problem was solved and all will be well from here on out. You must get tired of hearing this, but let me say...thank you!!! Thank you for once again, standing tall behind your smokers.
    I'll report back after a few cooks or if I have any issues arise.

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    Glad your MAK is back to normal.
    No problem that's why we are here
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