GrillGrate size for Mak 2 Star
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GrillGrate size for Mak 2 Star
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Thread: GrillGrate size for Mak 2 Star

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    GrillGrate size for Mak 2 Star

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a GrillGrate size for a Mak 2 Star? I am looking to use in to sear on half the grill. I was thinking of using two GrillGrates at a custom length of 19.75". Two grates will give me 10.5" width. That should allow me to replace one of the regular Mak 2 Star grates when I want to grill. I saw some previous posts about potential airflow issue, but I think that's if you cover the entire cooking surface area with GrillGrates.

    I think Big Poppa sells one, but I am not sure what length that is. Does it just sit on top of the of the regular grate?

    Also if I am searing on the Mak 2 Star, do I just remove the flame zone cover under the grate I am searing on or do I remove the heat deflector also?

    Just got my new Mak 2 Star yesterday from Big Poppa so I am excited to start cooking.


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    You cant use the 19.75" long ones because they will block the airflow from the front and back of the grease tray.
    16" long or so would be about right (basically covering the grease pan only), they sit on top of the wire grates.

    Only remove the flame zone cover when grilling.
    NEVER remove the diffuser (heat deflector) or it will warp your grease pan.

    Congrats on the new MAK, your going to love it!
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    digitalorange, Welcome to the forum and to the MAK family!
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