Here I am again mak will not reach temp
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Here I am again mak will not reach temp
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Thread: Here I am again mak will not reach temp

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    Without calling MAK Support, I wouldn't know which level the changes were made in.

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    To update, spoke with support, they asked I try one of 3 brand of pellets before we start swapping parts
    I found some lumberjack pellets locally, and did q test, my igniter has fail now, they are sending me a new one.
    I have been maually lighting with a plumber tourch be it's faster than the method in the manual lol

    With the new pellet it took 8 mi Utes to hit 170 I put my pork on and bumped it to 255, it took like 4 or 5 minutes to hit 225
    So this seem much more inline with what others report

    I have not tried grill temps yet but 8m hopefully able to put this behind me now


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