How difficult is it to transport a Mak?
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How difficult is it to transport a Mak?
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Thread: How difficult is it to transport a Mak?

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    How difficult is it to transport a Mak?

    Hi all - I am currently in process of narrowing down my choices for a new pellet grill (coming from a Pit Boss 700FB which was my "try it out and see if I like pellet cooking" smoker) and Mak is one of the final brands I am looking at.

    I've been able to get a ton of great information from this forum as far as all of the great features that come with the Mak 1 and 2 star and I've been really impressed.

    One thing I haven't been able to get a lot of information on is how people transport their Maks when taking them on the road for either BBQ competitions, family/charity events, etc. I would think the removable legs on the 1 star would make it more conducive to moving. For myself I see possibly doing one or two local amateur competitions and potentially a fund raiser or two as well.

    Just for reference I will have access to an SUV (Ford Flex) with hitch so I am open to suggestions as far as trailers, etc. Thanks in advance for any and all replies.

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    They are heavy enough that I would recommend 2 people to maneuver it onto a trailer. After that make sure it is strapped down. Forget about removing legs.....
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    The rollers on my 2-star are stout enough that I can roll it up a ramp into my trailer and strap it down. Disassembling would be counter productive IMO.

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    My pickup has a cap on it. We have a pallet that I glued some closed cell foam strips onto. We take the heat diffuser, grates, etc out of our MAK 1 Star (and put them in a large clean garbage bag), strap the lid shut and lay the cooker down on the pallet, then lift and slide the whole thing into the back of my pickup. It works well for us.
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