How good is a MAK..???
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How good is a MAK..???
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Thread: How good is a MAK..???

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    How good is a MAK..???

    Well, mine is simply incredible.... Long story short, it spent nearly 2 years in a leaky cargo trailer going through rain, snow, ice, minus 20 to over 100 -- improperly stored -- full of pellets -- greasy -- neglected.... Last night it came home. I expected disintegrated pellets, locked up auger, dead ignitor, rust, maybe even a dead brain box....


    It was perfect. Perfect.... So were the pellets (BBQ Delight)... An inspection, a light cleaning, plug it in, light it up, and cook supper....

    Thanks MAK Daddy.... You guys build a great product....
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    great story!!

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    Now THAT is a great testimony!!!
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    Now that's what its all about, I love it Thanks for sharing!
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