I've Got the Itch to Get a MAK...
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I've Got the Itch to Get a MAK...
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Thread: I've Got the Itch to Get a MAK...

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    I've Got the Itch to Get a MAK...

    ...and I'm really glad I found this website. I'm torn b/w the 1 Star and 2 Star, but I've been able to find tons of info through the search function comparing the two models. I do like the idea of the Super Smoker Box and the fact that FlameZone is included on the 2 Star.

    That said, I DO own a Primo Oval XL with GrillGrates, so I can grill and sear to my heart's content with my current setup. So the dilemma I have is do I sacrifice the Super Smoker Box add-on ability and go with the MAK 1 Star? Or do I sell my Primo Oval XL to help offset the added cost of purchasing the 2 Star? Unfortunately, the budget won't allow for both so it's either a 1 Star + my Primo or a 2 Star by itself. Has anyone gone down this road? Does anyone here own a 2 Star and a ceramic cooker? If so, are you still using your ceramic? Any sage advice for my conundrum? Thanks for having me and looking forward to the day I can join the MAK owner's club!

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    For clarity...

    Option 1 is MAK 1 Star with minimal upgrades (no FlameZone) and keep my Primo Oval XL for all my hot and fast and grilling needs.

    Option 2 is sell my Primo (assuming I can do so) and go with the MAK 2 Star which will give me the option of the Super Smoker Box at a later date when the budget allows. But now this unit must serve all my needs. And I REALLY enjoy a steak cooked over high heat!
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    It really comes down to a personal preference. Either option works. Assuming by your question that you have the space for two units. For me, I have a very nice grill and use it a bunch but also have a 2 Star. Actually just sold my 2014 2-Star and ordered the new 2 Star from Big Poppa. I smoke a fair amount as well and the 2 Star with the future potential Super Smoke Box add-on is the way I've gone.
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    Thanks mcschlotz. I have the space, just don't have the budget to pull the trigger on the 2 Star without selling the Primo first.

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    I found myself in a similar situation a little over a year ago. Had a decent sized backyard, and the following cookers:
    Kamado Joe BIG Joe
    Kamado Joe Jr.
    M1 M Grill
    Older MAK 1 Star

    Last March, we moved into a new home with a much smaller area for my cooking arsenal. I had to make the agonizing decision of which cooker would be my new one and only.

    After MUCH talk and MUCH reading, I ended up selling every cooker I had and going with a 2017 MAK 2 Star. I have not regretted that decision for one second... LOVE my MAK!

    The only thing I'll add, is that like you, I do enjoy certain cuts of beef (mainly steak) seared over HIGH heat. Last June, I ended up adding a Weber 26.75" kettle to my cooking arsenal.

    I have found the MAK/Weber kettle duo to be a fantastic combo

    As an everyday grill, the MAK seriously kicks butt! But if you like your steaks grilled/seared over a screaming hot fire, the MAK cannot compete with a blazing hot bed of lump charcoal in a Weber kettle.
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    Thanks rwalters, adding a kettle to the 2 Star does sound like a great option I wasn't considering.

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    Out of all our cookers the MAK 2 star gets used the most.
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    If it were me, I would first get the 2 Star and see if it satisfies you for hot searing steaks. You can always pick up a Weber kettle if you want something more traditional for your steaks. JMTC
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    If you have an itch to get a MAK, my advice is to scratch it!

    I think you'd be happy with either MAK, but it sounds to me like the Cold-smoke chamber interests you, so I say go with the 2 Star.

    As far as searing goes, those of us with the 1 & 2 Stars with the new FlameZone are getting actual grate temps of 620 - 650 F without trouble in grill mode. SPtucker recently posted he read temps of 669 F.

    New Flame Zone question

    If you haven't already read the FlameZone Review, I have pics posted with some results.
    2017 MAK FlameZone, Searing Grate & Griddle - Detailed Review!

    I am VERY happy with the searing results to the point that I have not used my Weber kettle for searing since I upgraded to the new MAK last year.
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    Definitely get the MAK 2 now and the Super Smoker Box later. I could not be happier with my setup. My charcoal grill is only getting used when I cook more than one thing at a time and require different temps or something.

    FYI, I did steaks last night. I think I got the method from BP, but what I have been doing is throwing the steaks on the top rack at 250 with a probe in one. When they hit 100F (I get a text message from makgrillsmobile!) I pull the probe and put them in the Super Smoker Box, wrapped in foil, and crank the temp up to GRILL. Once it hits 450F or so on the Pellet Boss, I transfer from the SSB to the bottom grate and do 1-2 minutes per side, moving them to a fresh part of the grate when turning. Perfect Med-MedRare every time, all the way through, and NICE grill marks. PLUS, the time spent at 250F imparts an unbeatable smoke flavor -- not too much, not too little. Goldilocks.

    This method has garnered me the "best steak I ever had in my life" comment on multiple occasions, btw...
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