Lid open too long causes flame out warning?
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Lid open too long causes flame out warning?
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Thread: Lid open too long causes flame out warning?

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    Lid open too long causes flame out warning?

    Hi all!
    Let me introduce myself. I am a new Mak 1 star owner, and I absolutely love my Mak. I also own a KBQ stick burner but I find it very cumbersome to use. And the smoke profile almost nonexistent with the recommended settings. I have played with it extensively and find that it uses way too much wood to cook. And it requires too much attention. And when you are done the ability to taste smoke is all but obliterated. I find the Mak contrary to all of that.

    When I used my Mak for the first time, while placing the meats on the grates and inserting my probes, i got a flameout warning. Most likely because the lid was open too long and the temperature dropped too much. I was a little surprised by this at first but after talking with other Mak users i found this is most likely normal. This took me by surprised in that there seems to be no lid open provision in the software to prevent this. I compensate for this by closing the lid for a bit while preforming loading tasks.

    Do other users find this true? And is there any thing on the drawing board for a fix?

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    Welcome to the MAK Family and thank you for buying American Made!

    Unless it is super windy or super cold having the hood open for a bit to load food should not cause any issues. The grill temp has to fall below 145 for 4 minutes straight to trigger that alert. It may have been due to the first time use not having the ignition sequence catch up to the pellets dumping in. If you have any further issues contact support at MAK Grills and we will help.
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    Yep, I have experienced this exact issue.

    If you're putting meat on a cold MAK grill (which is perfectly fine - I do this often for a little extra smoke), then DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT start the grill until you have everything on, probes inserted, and ready to go. Then start the MAK and close the lid!

    Trust me on this... (Don't ask me how I know! )

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