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    Mak 1 Star General

    Since the new Mak 1 star does not come with the flame zone is there still a space between the drip pan and the body of the smoker where grease can fall down into the body of the smoker like the older Mak 1 star.

    I know with the new flame zone kit the gap has been eliminated but not sure about the new 1 star without it.

    Thank you.

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    Both the previous and the new 2016 1 Star's have the same pan system with a gap in front and back for the heat to flow up to the cooking area. The difference is the 2016 model has a larger cooking surface (same as the 2 Star) now.

    The Flame Zone kit does change this gap to be redirected from under the pan.
    We haven't released the 2016 FZ kits yet, they are still in testing.
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