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Mak 2 star from 2012
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Thread: Mak 2 star from 2012

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    Mak 2 star from 2012

    I've been checking out a mak 2 star looks to be in good shape it's a 2012 model what is a good price I should pay and is it worth buy since it's about 7 years old ?

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    Check first to verify it's upgradable to the new flashfire igniter and possibly the improved flame zone. Those two changes should put it about on par with current model capability. Last thing, would be to verify the controller can still be updated. Someone here, possibly Cliff aka @TentHunter might be able to answer these questions but you could certainly call MAK to get them answered. As far as a reasonable price goes, that's really a subjective thing especially when involving a seller and buyer. The 2 Star is well constructed & designed to last. New, I believe they were around $2400, and wouldn't be surprised if the seller were to ask $1000-1400, maybe even a bit more.
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    Actually... mcschlotz pretty well answered this. MAKs are built like a tank, and 7 years old, especially if it's in good shape, could be a worthwhile investment IF you get it for the right price. And those upgrades he mentioned are definitely worthy!

    Here are a few more details on the upgrades:

    Updated FlameZone kit: As far as I know, this should fit all previous 2 Stars, but MAK can answer that for sure.

    This is probably the single best overall improvement MAK has ever done to their line of grills!

    FlashFire Ignitor upgrade kit: Again, this should fit all previous models. Even though this may not be necessary (the old ignitor may work fine), this is a very worthwhile upgrade! Cost = $200

    Updating the PelletBoss Controller: You should be able to take this off and send it to MAK for them to update the firmware. They do not charge for this; you just have to ship it to them. Again, call and talk to MAK FIRST about this as they can advise you best!

    I've done this in the past with two different PelletBoss controllers.

    So... Here how it breaks down:

    > New 2 Star General cost = $2800

    Let's say you're able to get the used one for $1000 (most likely you can get it for less)

    > Used MAK 2 Star = $1000
    > FlameZone Kit Cost = $400
    > FlashFire Igniter Kit Cost = $200
    > Updating PelletBoss controller - Shipping Cost = $5 (estimate)

    Total cost including upgrades: $1625

    For that price, I'd say go for it! Heck, the guy may take even less if it's been sitting not being used. Let him know it will need a few upgrades and offer him $500... you never know!


    P.S. Food for thought: Big Poppa Smokers (the sponsors of this forum) sells both the FlameZone kit and the FlashFire Igniter, as far as I know for the same price. Purchasing from them helps support this forum!
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    For what it is worth, I have MAK 2 Star #500 from 2011 and it is still going strong! May not be as pretty as it once was, butt pretty doesn’t make Q taste better ��. I have not upgraded the flame zone as 1/2 a flame zone is good enough for me. The flash fire is worth it when the igniter fails, not before. For the right price, used should work. Best of luck.
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    Thanks for the input guys I think the guys said its serial number is 0001046


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