MAK 2 Star Inaugural Cook!!
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MAK 2 Star Inaugural Cook!!
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Thread: MAK 2 Star Inaugural Cook!!

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    MAK 2 Star Inaugural Cook!!

    Since it was Tuesday and my Hogs were playing in game 1 of the CWS final, I figured what better time to test out the new MAK's FlameZone grilling abilities. On deck was a SRF wagyu bone-in strip steak, along with a few low carb sides.

    The new beauty assembled, seasoned, and ready for action.

    SRF wagyu bone-in strip, seasoned simply with Q Salt, smoked for ~10 minutes @ 275, finished over the FlameZone until done to my liking.

    Money shot.

    Sliced and finished with a little Maldon Sea Salt flakes.

    Lets don't forget the sides. Grilled asparagus, bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed w/ cream cheese & cheddar, & smoked sausage.

    Plated. Bone Apple Tea!

    All in all, I was very impressed with the grilling ability of this beast and so far, extremely happy with my purchase! Can't wait until this weekend to put her to the low n slow test with an SRF brisket & 2 racks of Kurobuta spare ribs...thanks for looking!

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    Yum! Congrats and get ready for some fantastic EATS
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    Hell yeah! BOne Apple Tea!

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    Very nice! Well you took game 1, hopefully we can take game 2 and push this to a final showdown
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    Looks awesome!! Congrats on your MAK!!

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    Thanks @wolverines!

    @MAK DADDY...I didn't cook last night so that's what I'm blaming the loss on! Tonight I'm cooking ribs...WPS!

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    lol, I did so I guess I have to again so I don't upset the baseball gods
    Great Series so far!
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    The food looks great and the MAK a little to clean
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    I'm not sure how I missed this post, but I'm glad I saw it now. That all looks fabulous. I love doing poppers that way! Try some topped with a little sausage too.

    Nice first cook for sure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cowolter View Post
    Look awesome !
    The MAK's always seem to be too small compared to the competition in similar price ranges. Am I the only one who thinks this?
    There's plenty of room in my 2-star and I looked at the competition before taking the plunge. Perhaps you're not taking into account what's "under the hood".


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