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Look awesome !
The MAK's always seem to be too small compared to the competition in similar price ranges. Am I the only one who thinks this?
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There's plenty of room in my 2-star and I looked at the competition before taking the plunge. Perhaps you're not taking into account what's "under the hood".
Salmonsmoker is exactly right! Grate size is only PART of the picture when it comes to actual usable cooking area. The lid design and head room are the other half of the equation. A barrel-shaped lid, for instance, limits how far out taller foods, such as pork shoulders, can get to the front & back edges, and whether or not it can have an upper rack and how big that upper rack can be.

MAK's have a deceptively small footprint, but can hold a lot more food than you think. The lid design and cook chamber's head room allows you to literally double the cook surface area with a full upper rack.

Here is 70+ lbs of pork shoulders (4 whole shoulders plus a picnic) I recently cooked for 170+ band kids and staff, loaded into our MAK 1 Star, and you can see there was still room for more.

I can also easily fit 80+ pieces of chicken in our 1 Star.