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    Mak 4 Star

    I am new to this forum, but not new to pellet grilling, having done so for over 15 years with 2 different manufacturer grills. My current grill, an 8-9 year Traeger 100, will hopefully make it through this summer. My question for this group - does any one know when an all stainless steel grill will be available from Mak? I've seen the prototype photo that is on the Facebook Group page with as of yet unanswered questions about when this will actually be available. There are no Mak or Memphis dealers in Connecticut or Massachusetts, so reliability is going to be most important feature for me --- pellet grillers are pretty much on their own in this section of New England.

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    Understand that you are on a dealers forum so you will get biased information aboput how great we are! hahahah

    WIth a MAK you have three things going for you:

    1. It is a MAK and we have very very few problems with them
    2.MAK loves their customers
    3.WE are here and so is fed ex

    I think that the first of the year is the time you will be able to buy the four star....the three star should follow in 6 months after the intro of the four star

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    Sounds about right, we hope sooner but like BP always says "Everything takes longer and costs more than you plan"
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    Are there any specs out on the 4 star?

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    Not anything set in stone until we release production. We have the design pretty much nailed down with minor tweaks being made at this point. Still working on the brain
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    The pellet boss really is the key, once Bob gets it nailed, look out. All of the user profiles, etc make cooking almost too easy. Did you see the post from BP recently on how to hit 18 holes? Do a search for it.

    When it's here, it will be right. Having cooked on BP's stuff in AZ, (and having owned a 100, 150 and a Traeger smokehouse) I can tell you there is no similarity to the two. The Traeger stuff just can't even hold a candle to the MAK product.

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