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    MAK Love

    I know it is mostly a MAK love-fest here at, but I feel compelled to write this gratuitous salute to MAK anyway. I don't post a lot of my experiences anymore, but I have been using a MAK 2 Star regularly since 2013 and it has become utterly indispensable for me and my family (and our friends). I do basically all of the cooking at my house, and I use it more than I use the oven or the stove. It has replaced a number of other grills and smokers. I just can't imagine being without it.

    Versatile. Reliable. Continually being improved upon by Bob and team. It is truly one of the best purchases I ever made.

    Thank you Bob and all the folks at MAK Grills for being The Best!
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    Thank you so much for this post, this is really motivating for all of us here at MAK and I will share with the crew
    We are so grateful for our MAK family of grill owners and the future ones to come. We promise to always make the best grills possible right here in the USA!
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    Great post! I am sure most MAK owners feel the same way. I have been a proud MAK 2 Star owner since 2011 and feel exactly the same as sptucker.
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    Yup, been using MAK since 2014. This equipment WORKS EVERY TIME. I use it year round, -10ºƒ to 105ºƒ and always have excellent results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCal Smoker View Post
    Great post! I am sure most MAK owners feel the same way. I have been a proud MAK 2 Star owner since 2011 and feel exactly the same as sptucker.
    Same here... been a MAK owner since 2011 and could not be happier!
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    27 + year old 22.5" Weber Kettle (still works fine)
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    Count me in for sure! I have had lots of cookers go through my backyard... some being pretty nice. Nothing has outperformed the MAK as an overall cooker... and nothing had been more pleasurable to cook on. To top it off, the MAK’s are other worldly when it comes to quality of construction... it’s defintely not something you see everyday

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    OK, I'll join the love-fest... Been using #28 since 2009 and it's never failed and still going!
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