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    Long time listener (lurker), first time caller.

    I'm in the market for a small portable pellet grill, I read on MAK's FB page that the Mini-MAK should be on sale sometime this fall. I was wondering if there is any other info out on the grill yet like cooking space, accessories and what the expected price range (ballpark) might be.

    I'll hangup and listen.

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    Check out their Facebook page or their website. Better yet, call MAK Grills and talk with Matt Tucker. He should be able to give you all of the info you want. 503-623-1234
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    Hi KevinS! We are still doing testing on the MiniMAK and fine-tuning details on the protoypes, so we don't have much of an update for you just yet.

    We will, however, put a post on here as soon as we have some solid information to pass along, which hopefully won't be too far off.

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    Yeah Bob sent me one...I got all excited....he kept the controller. It looks good though!

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