My first Tri-Tip!
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My first Tri-Tip!
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Thread: My first Tri-Tip!

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    My first Tri-Tip!

    Can't believe it's taken me this long to get around to doing a Tri-Tip!! And you betcha I'm going to make more again!!

    Rubbed down with a little olive oil and sprinkled with some MAK Sweet rub, then onto the MAK for about 2 hours of smoke.

    Uncovered the Flame Zone, cranked the grill to high, and seared the outside, until the IT hit 125°. Set the roast aside to hang out and cooked some brussel sprouts in a cast iron pan with some butter, then drizzled them with some balsamic glaze.

    Oh my goodness, the meat was so tender and juicy, we didn't need knives to cut through it! Mmmmm

    James likes his steak a little more well done than I do, so this was perfect-- the thinner end got done to his liking, and I got my succulent medium rare from the thicker end.

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    That tri-tip looks awesome. Can't get those out here in the Midwest. My dad lives in California and cooks them all the time. When I visit him next month, I'm definitely going to have to try it.
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    What temp did you smoke at? I'm not a cook so i am trying to get a lot of different ideas.

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    The MAK smoke mode varies between 170-190, and fluctuates up and down to get the most smoke possible. You could smoke anywhere up to like 225° and should get good results though!
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    Kat, It's very easy to get hooked on Tri-tip, especially when they turn out as good as yours looks.
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    Looks real good. Try cooking the next one closer to medium and see if it isn't more tender than it is when it's more rare.
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    Looks great! As Scooter recommends, cook a little longer and see how you like it. I cook tri tip all the time and I like it a little more doe than my steaks.
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    Yeah what they said but it looks around 140 it is still very pink but becomes amazingly tender

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    Smokin Kat, good to see you are cooking Tri Tip. It is one of my favorites, and I am cooking 7 of them (Angus Choice) for the 4th. I do take them to around 138F IT and the crowd really likes them. Yes, a bit more tender.
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    Kat, that looks super great to me, nice work!

    Tri-tip with Santa Maria rub is a family favorite at my house. I remember when it was an inexpensive, much-overlooked cut. Now we have another convert!
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