My MAK is whack
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My MAK is whack
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Thread: My MAK is whack

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    My MAK is whack

    So frustrated with the 2 Star right now. Trying to do an overnight brisket and can't get MGMobile to work. No worries, put it on 225 and let her go... until the damn thing just starts beeping. NO error message, just relentless beeping at 11:00 at night. Couldn't figure it out so I shut her down before the neighbors got ugly. Grrrr. Brisket is probably a no go cuz it was on for about a half hour. Not sure if I can safely put it in the fridge and try tomorrow. Maybe I can salvage tomorrow with some ribs if the darn thing will cooperate. Any thoughts?
    The first season I had her it was smooth sailing but she only has 4 or 5 cooks on her and ever since I tried to get things going in November its been a fight. Maybe new PelletBoss firmware?

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    If your MAK was heating at 225 place your brisket in your house oven at 225 and finish cooking.
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    These issues that you've been having since November are NOT normal for a MAK.

    You need to call MAK Grills and let them solve this (or Big Poppa Smokers - if you got the 2 Star from them). I guarantee that if you do, one or both will get you straightened out, and you will be a lot less frustrated.

    Meanwhile, if the Brisket was only on for 1/2 hour it's fine, just stick it in the fridge until ready to cook. Then you can cook it in the oven like Larry (KyNola) suggests.
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    Went back at it this morning. It was beeping from the moment I pushed the power button. Metered the power and it was a solid 120V. Pulled off the side panel to check for loose connections and noticed that even with the power off the wifi card was active. Tried pulling the ac completely and restarted. So far so good. I usually leave the MAK plugged in constantly. I think from now on I'll pull the power when I'm done. Maybe it's getting a nice reset when the power gets pulled.

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    Glad you were able to continue the cook this morning. I only ever plug my 2 Star in when I'm cooking with it and I keep the firebox and firepot clean. Only times I've had issues is when I let the firepot go too long before cleaning it out.
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    First off, call or email us and we will help you, 503-623-1234

    The MAK has many different alarms that can sound, along with the beeping there is a message displayed on the screen to tell you what is causing the alarm. All of them can be silenced simply by pressing any button once, if you don't silence they will only run maximum of 10 minutes so your neighbor isn't up all night. If you don't want an audible alarm to sound you can disable that in the maintenance screen, (see your manual) the screen will still flash the alert/alarm.

    Here are some alarm/alert examples:
    Power Failure: screen will flash and display message, alert will sound.
    Meat probe alarm: the meat probe screen will flash and the alert will sound.
    Flame out: grill will shut down screen will flash and display message, alert will sound.
    WiFi time out: screen will flash and display message, alert will sound

    Some other alerts will only beep a few times, like set point, cooking program changes etc.
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    All seems to be well now. Maybe it was me panicking when it was beeping but I swear it was not flashing any error messages. I've had flameout alerts before and have seen the flashing messages. This time when I went out there it was cycling through the normal screens and the only button that would silence it was the power button. It even started beeping right after turning it on and the only thing on the display was the initial screen saying SMOKE. I really do think it was pulling the AC that cleared it up.

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    Sounds good thanks for the update, let us know if you need more help.
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    I realize that this thread is 2 years old, but I just want to say that precisely the same thing happened to me.

    There was no error message displayed, just a lot of beeping. The only thing that seemed to fix the issue was actually unplugging the grill from the wall.

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    Give us a call or email and we can get all the details from you to help troubleshoot. / 503-623-1234
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