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New Flame Zone question
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Thread: New Flame Zone question

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    New Flame Zone question

    I keep hearing how much better the new flame zone is. Say one wants to use the MAK for mostly grilling say 4 times a week. Does the new zone justify purchasing a MAK if you mostly want to grill?

    Also, with most gassers, after a cook you just turn the grill up to high and burn most of the gunk of the grates and just give it a few passes with a grill brush. With the new zone, can you do this on a MAK? I don't mind cleaning a grill but is it harder on a MAK if you just want to mostly grill? Can you turn it up to high for a few minutes and clean the grates with a grill brush and be ready for the next cook?

    Thanks for the help everyone!

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    There is no issue doing this with the MAK it will not hurt the grill. That being said it is not a gas grill so you will not get the extreme heat you might with a big gasser (some will hit 800 degrees). The other thing to watch out for (that isn't normal in a gasser) is built up grease from smoking foods low and slow. If you don't clean the pan of most the grease you could catch it on fire when you crank the MAK up to High so pay attention to that when performing your burn off. We grill dinner on ours all week then smoke the big meats on the weekends, just be sure to clean out the fire pot before and after the long smokes. Hope that helps answer your question.
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    I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on a new 2 Star. My main concern is grilling. I know they excel at smoking. Cooking steaks, burgers and chicken thru the week after work is what I would mainly use it for. I just want to make sure I don't regret my purchase as I would use it mostly for grilling. Not doubt in my mind about its' smoking ability. It's a lot of money and I just don't want to have buyer's remorse. Thanks for your time.

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    I believe once you get one, you'll end up getting more and more into low & slow stuff, or roasting more things on the MAK such as rib roasts, and the like.

    Baked deserts, pies, cobblers, Apple crisp, etc. are INCREDIBLE on the MAK! And you haven't experienced the fullness cheesecake or pumpkin pie until you've done on on your pellet grill!

    It won't take but a few cooks and you'll be hooked!
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    Oh, definitely. I love cooking ribs, butts and briskets. I just need to know that I can count on the 2 star during the week for my grilling needs. That's my only hesitation. $3k plus depending on extras is a lot of cash. No doubt in my mind on it's low and slow ability. I just have to be able to put dinner on the table in a timely manner during the week. Thanks for all of your help! I appreciate it. That's why I love this forum!!

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    Yes you can easily grill dinners all week (we do it every week), best steaks you will ever have!
    Try BPS steak rub it is excellent
    Steaks, chops, burgers, dogs, chicken, fish, pizza etc. are all quick and easy on the MAK.

    My routine is to turn on the grill, go prep the steak (or whatever) and get all the sides started then toss on the grill (steaks are 5min per side).

    There are a hundred different ways obviously but during the week we just grill at 400 mostly with the flame zone open to get stuff done quickly for dinner. Grill mode can get a little too hot for my liking with the new funnel design but you can play with different temps to see what you like. I typically leave the back cover on so I have a place to put foods away from the heat if needed, the half upper rack is really helpful as well.

    Hope this helps.
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    Too hot is what I like to hear. I can deal with too hot! Getting that steak carmelized is what I want.

    Thank you very much. Those were my main concerns.
    Thanks again!!

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    LOL, well just be warned on grill mode a nice fatty rib eye (the best kind) might just be on fire if you are not watching it!
    No problem happy to help
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    I was wondering.

    I know MAK used to make a lot of videos promoting the grill several years ago. Do you have any showing the new flame zone in action with maybe a steak or chicken or chops? Just wondering. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAK DADDY View Post
    LOL, well just be warned on grill mode a nice fatty rib eye (the best kind) might just be on fire if you are not watching it!
    No problem happy to help
    That too has been my experience. When I put the newly designed FlameZone into my 2 Star, set it on GRILL (498F), I put two ribeyes on the exposed FlameZone area (like MAK DADDY, I leave one cover on, one cover off). Man, had a heck of a nice flare-up (the grill was THAT HOT). Since then, I grill my steaks, chops, etc. @ 450F and get spectacular results.

    I've been cooking on pellet grills for 27 years now, and the MAK kicks major butt at high temps. IMHO you really do not need 600, 700, 800F to properly grill/sear steaks. The MAK does an excellent job searing steaks, etc. We often hear from MAK 2 owners who tell us, "Ever since I got my 2 Star, I haven't touched my gas grill once." True story.


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