New mak 1 star vs 2 star 2016
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New mak 1 star vs 2 star 2016
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Thread: New mak 1 star vs 2 star 2016

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    New mak 1 star vs 2 star 2016

    Interesting to see if now that the mak 1 star is the same size as the 2 star and has a pellet dump door, would it be better to purchase the 1 star instead for smoking.

    Has anyone seen the new 1 star in person or used it?

    Can't afford the 2 star now. Should I save or buy the 1 star now that I have enough for the 1 star?

    Will mostly be smoking and occasionally light grilling. Have a weber kettle for searing.

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    If you won't be able to afford a 2 Star for awhile but have the funds to buy a 2016 1 Star, if it were me, I'd be calling the BPS hotline ASAP!
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    Yes, I'd get the 1 Star. You can always add the FlameZone later when budget allows.
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    I just ordered the 1 Star.... couldn't afford the 2 Star.

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    Good choice, you will not be disappointed!
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    Is the flame zone really worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cubansmoker View Post
    Is the flame zone really worth it?
    If your grilling foods (steaks, chops, burgers) absolutely makes a huge difference.
    If your just using the grill as a smoker then you won't need the flame zone.
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