New MAK owner with a question
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New MAK owner with a question
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Thread: New MAK owner with a question

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    New MAK owner with a question

    Hello! I set up my MAK 2 star today, and it's beautiful! I purchased through Big Poppa, and they were very nice. The smoker itself came with a bent leg... But MAK shipped me out a new one. I'll be honest though, the assembly instructions were pretty bad.

    Anyway, my question is: can you use TWO searing grates on a 2 star? I will be cooking for a lot of people, and instead of having half my meat waiting for the other half to sear before they get their turn, I was thinking of putting on a second sear grate. I'm asking because someone told me it wouldn't work properly with two because of air flow reasons... This was a MAK owner.

    Thanks in advance and I'm thrilled to join the MAK club!


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    I've never tried it, but I don't see why not. The "flame zone" extends all the way across under both grates. Could be wrong, though.

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    I just assembled mine this week as well and I thought the assembly and instructions were pretty straight forward and easy. Instructions for installing wireless module could use a diagram or two. As far as 2 searing grates I think it should work like BBQJUDGE said.

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    I don't know of any issues using two searing grates.

    My understanding is the reason MAK extended the FlameZone across the entire surface, a few years back, was so you CAN grill on both sides of the grill. I can't Imagine an airflow issue.
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    The airflow issue is only a concern if you are using aftermarket "grill grates" that extend all the way across the grill.
    They block airflow because they have a flat base with just a few holes in them.
    The standard Searing grates that MAK builds do not have a base or any airflow issues.
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    We have used two MAK sear grates a bunch of times with no issues
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