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Pellet Boss firmware
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Thread: Pellet Boss firmware

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    Pellet Boss firmware

    We here at MAK have continued to improve or update the firmware on the controllers for various reasons. We have an update module that will bring you to the latest version if you need it. If you buy a Remote Boss you will use that to update the controller if needed.

    To check your version press and hold the "Select" button for 10 seconds; on the 2012 5 button control press and hold the "Up" arrow for 10 seconds.

    V3.2 Pot Overflow routine added to better manage smoke to high set point changes.
    V3.0 New ignition sequence, hopper switch, web control default ON, maintenance screens updated.
    V2.8 Hot start, auger sign and BT/Wi-Fi detection.
    V2.3 Wi-Fi
    V2.2 Fixed smoke temp from V2.1
    V2.1 fixed power restart after flameout alarm on 5 button control
    V2.0 Current 2012 Version, 5 button controller capable
    V1.9 No user changes
    V1.8 Current 2011 Version, fixed user program error on steps 4&5 (works on steps 1-3)
    V1.7 No user changes
    V1.6 No user changes
    V1.5 Added M1 Armored Probe selection (we no longer offer this probe)
    V1.4 Bluetooth ready boards, added 2 User program steps.
    V1.3 Added "Standard" Probe (we stopped offering the cdn probe)
    V1.2 Production Release
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    If you have a Mak grill and you want to update the firmware you would have to buy the remote boss to stay current?

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    Good morning Smokingdents! No, you don't have to buy the remote boss to get the current firmware version.

    If you're registered your grill with us, we can send you an update module to get the program updated. However, there is currently a waiting list for the update modules, so it might be a few weeks before we can get one to you. The quicker option would be to send us your Pellet Boss board with a note that you'd like to be updated, we can update the software here, and send it back to you the next day.

    Just give us a call (503-623-1234) or drop us an email (, and we can get you on the list for an update or give you more instructions for getting your Pellet Boss to us!
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