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Pulled Pork!
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Thread: Pulled Pork!

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    Pulled Pork!

    Hey guys! So this is a pulled pork I did a week or so ago. Each one weighed about 8 lbs.

    I injected with a mixture of ground up Grill Creation seasoning salt, smoked paprika, garlic powder, apple juice, and hot water. Have never tried that mix before but it turned out great! I then lathered them with canola oil and a mix of MAK Sweet and Mesquite rub.

    I set the MAK at 225* and set the Pellet Boss to alarm at an internal temperature of 160*. I then foiled both butts and poured in about cup of apple juice in each. I then set the PB to alarm at 195* IT and pulled them off. The whole process took about 13 hrs.

    What is some of your favorite injection mixtures? Id love to try something new!

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    That looks great.

    I've not gone down the injection road yet.
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    Sow pork marinade is great. I also like mr yoshidas.

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    I've never injected yet either but I've been thinking about trying it. Thanks for posting your recipe I'll have to give it a shot.
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    injections are great and limitless..from combos featuring white grape juice peach juice apple juice beer worcestershire soy chili powder onion powdersaly sugar pepper....get the drift...anything Peach snapple is great!

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    I have always been off the opinion that if you have a good piece of meat and it is cooked correctley you dont need it. But I think I will get out of the box and try injection. Great looking pork! The only thing I could suggest is to put a pan under the butts with some flavors and catch the drippings. Then defat and reduce. Then put that pork aujus back into the pork.
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    Injections are fun and give a variety of different flavor profiles, we use beer quite a bit as well as flavored bullion.
    Nice job Matt!
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    looks great!
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    M, your pulled pork looks great. I use SOW to inject for pulled pork. I also pull at 160 to foil and add apple juice. Always comes out fantastic.
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    When you pulled them off at an IT of 195, how long did you let it rest or did you FTW for a few hours?


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