Pulled the Trigger - MAK 2 Star On The Way
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Pulled the Trigger - MAK 2 Star On The Way
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Thread: Pulled the Trigger - MAK 2 Star On The Way

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    Pulled the Trigger - MAK 2 Star On The Way

    Just ordered this morning, thanks to everyone for the help and advise.

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    Congratulations! You made a great choice. You will be very happy with your 2 Star!
    Proud to own the 2012 MAK 2 Star General #829 and former owner of MAK 2 Star #27

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    A very good decision that you'll never regret. Congrats!
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    How exciting! Definitely give us a ring if you've got any questions during the assembly or while you're getting acquainted with it! And just like everyone here, we're always happy to talk recipes!!

    --Kat from MAK 503-623-1234
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    I think I diving Mr. Moore nuts already

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    Welcome to the MAK family!!
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