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steak sear
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Thread: steak sear

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    Only if you want them to be. If you want two temp areas, leave one on. In that case I would leave the front one on.
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    Thanks for your help! I appreciate it

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolverines View Post
    Yes but if you're grilling. Won't both covers be off?
    Not necessarily; it depends an what you're doing.

    If I need the whole surface for grilling then yes, both covers come off.

    However, I often grill with just one FZ cover off (usually the back), and use the front side (with the FZ cover on) as a cooler cook zone for things that don't require the direct high heat. This is also the case when using the griddle up front. The griddle gets too hot with the cover off and things tend to burn (don't ask me how I know ).
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