Temp Increase on 2019 PB
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Temp Increase on 2019 PB
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Thread: Temp Increase on 2019 PB

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    New flame zone installed on the old crusty 2 star. I wish I had exact measurements for the old style but I donít. New flame zone goes from off to 450 in 16 1/2 minutes. Itís about as much of an improvement as the new ceramic igniter made, aka a significant one. As always, impressed with the quality of the flame zone upgrade. Now just gotta wait a couple weeks for a new thermocouple style controller becomes available!
    Although they are not yet listed on MAKís site, I believe the new controller and the new roaming thermocouple are available now. You should call Ďem. Just FYI - you do not need to buy the new controller to use the roaming thermocouple, but Iím pretty sure you will need to upgrade the firmware on your current one, assuming it is new enough to take the current firmware. Obviously MAK can give the details. I know about this as I did beta test the roaming TC on my MAK 2 Star using the 2017-2018 Pellet Boss controller. It did not need upgrading to use the new TC. I did upgrade my controller to take advantage of firmware changes that helped with some WiFi issues.

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    The new flame zone gets hotter quicker and uses less pellets
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