Is your GFI Popping Tripping? MAK Not igniting?
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Is your GFI Popping Tripping? MAK Not igniting?
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Thread: Is your GFI Popping Tripping? MAK Not igniting?

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    My 2014 Mak 1 star starting tripping the GFI last weekend. I vacuumed it out and it went a little longer before tripping, but tripped again after about a minute. I ended up dragging out my 15 year old FE-100 and smoking the ribs on it. It is a little disturbing that I spent $1600 on a grill and now the best advice i am seeing is to spend another $200 for the newest gizmo. I have only had to replace the hot rod on the FE once in 15 years and it has had a lot of use. I am not trying to sell FE's, I have been extremely happy with the Mak up until this point and have recommended it to friends.

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    Your grill is still under warranty and we will replace your igniter at no charge.
    No one is advising you to spend 200.00 on the latest gizmo, we simply created a better design that we now install in every MAK we make. We always try to design our new products with the ability to go backwards if possible so we made a retrofit kit that you can purchase if you like (you don't have to). We cant give them away because it is not just a replacement igniter, its a new firepot, new igniter holder and a more expensive igniter but we did keep the cost as low as possible.
    Your current igniter lasted you a couple years, some are still going on 6 years so nothing wrong with sticking it out with what you have.
    You can also always manually light your grill if your igniter does fail, its pretty fast and easy while your waiting for a replacement.
    Whatever you decide we are here to take care of you!
    Superior Wood Pellet BBQ Smoker Grills!

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    Thanks Bob I will keep that in mind. I would have tried to manual light it, but it was smoking so heavily after the last time it tripped that I could not even try. If I had known it was going to smoke like that, I would have left the ribs on for a while longer. I am going to try it again this weekend and see what happens. I am pretty mechanically challenged, so I would just as soon not have to do much repair work on it.

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    No problem, happy to help!
    The igniter change out is pretty straight forward, the Flashfire kit takes some drilling and such to switch over.
    Be sure to clean out your firepot after every long cook or every 3 or so short cooks, that will cut down on the heavy smoke when starting and make your igniter last longer too.

    Be sure to email or call us with your info for the replacement igniter to get sent out.
    Superior Wood Pellet BBQ Smoker Grills!

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    Got the replacement igniter and installed it yesterday. Everything seems to be working fine now. I was easy to install and your service dept. got it to me in just a couple of days. Thanks for your help!

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    You are very welcome! Now your back to making more amazing BBQ
    Superior Wood Pellet BBQ Smoker Grills!


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