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  1. You don't think the 1 star would be big enough, the quality seems to be so much better than the treager. Could you give me an idea of the quantity of ribs and/or turkey size that would fit on the MAK 1 star. I guess the other thing is ill be cooking for my family most of the time occasionally for others.
  2. SOunds like a compromise and the size you need to cook and your budget steers you to the Texas....you will cook good que on it!
  3. Hi big Poppa, my name is John and I'm new to this forum and new to pellet smoking. I haven't purchased a cooker yet and set on a treager Texas Grill, which is one of there larger models. It has 646 sq in of grilling space and the price point was in my range. THEN...I found this site and began to learn about the MAK Grills. I like the features of the 2 star but don't believe I can swing it for that price, what am I giving up by going to the 1 star. I also liked the size of the treager Texas grill and wanted to get your thoughts on grill space of the 1 star. I want to do ribs (enough for a couple families), turkeys (20 lbs), pork shoulder, smoked steelhead and salmon, and would like to try a pizza on the grill. We have a family of 5 but cook for friends and family often and just want to be comfortable with the size. Thanks for your help. John
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