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  1. I thought by now users would have some changes or ideas on the software. But only a few and they can use the user one field for that. So it appears it will stay unchanged for awhile. Feel free to review. It does show Big Poppas and Pelletsmoking on the work page, which can be changed by the user if they care to. I have worked /toy with pages to view in a iphone or ipad. But with printing not a real feature of either. It can wait until next years release. I was hoping to have a Mac version by now. Been looking for a Mac filemaker pro programmer to compile it for me which would take about 5 minutes.
  2. Hey Jim.

    Great job on the BBQ log software. I had been doing that in Word, but I like your concept! With your permission, I'd like to do a short review for it in my blog, and re-post the download link.

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