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  1. I have #28 which is the 3rd production 2 Star off the line. Keeping the stainless looking good takes some effort but it's worth it. I like to keep it clean and shining. My #28 has kept looking great with a minimum of battle scars on the SS until I got the 2015 prototype. In giving #28 a thorough cleaning I took off the lid and put it on my wood deck pretty SS side down. Big mistake! I've kept that lid looking fantastic for 6 years and when I go to clean it one last time I get a series of scratches along the top of the lid.....Heartbroken.
    Shining SS looks great but can be a heartbreaker when it gets scratched and it's easy to scratch and no easy task to remove scratches. So my friend, beautiful SS is a blessing and a curse.
  2. Hey Scooter- Looking at your signature, I see you have a couple of 2 Stars? Looks like one is from the beginning of time (2009)? Quick question... how difficult is it to keep up the stainless steel exterior? Do you keep on top of that, or just let it go? What does your 2009 model look like?
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