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  1. Scott:

    Been looking for you on Pelletheads.com; but, you haven't been on there for a very long time. Did you get the PM I sent you on Larry Owen "Sloman" new business - CenCalPelletOutlet.com for good prices on bulk purchasing of the CookinPellet Perfect Mix? He carries Lumber Jack pellets, but don't buy them - way too much bark used in their pellets and caused havoc with my MAK2. After 8 hours of low and slow, the ashes built up in the hot pot to the extent it covers the enitire hot rod and the MAK2 kept trying to auto re-ignite and feeding more pellet continuously (flame outs).

    I Hope everything is well with you. I went up North to Stockton around the first week of August and was thinking about you in Antioch.

    Best regards,

    Ray - Palos Verdes Estates, CA.
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