Adam from Salt Lake City and I'm new to pellet smoking
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Adam from Salt Lake City and I'm new to pellet smoking
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Thread: Adam from Salt Lake City and I'm new to pellet smoking

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    Adam from Salt Lake City and I'm new to pellet smoking


    Noob smoker here. Tried my hand at an old bullet smoker for a few years and just never got the hang of it. So when our last grill died, it was right by my birthday and I talked the wife into a Traeger for my gift (as well as my Father's Day gift and maybe even Christmas!). She was reluctant but knows about these pellet smokers and how awesome they are, so it showed up a few day before my birthday!

    I've smoked and grilled on it numerous times so far. It's awesome!!!

    What kind of pellets do you folks recommend I use? I've heard that Traeger pellets are no good (why?), but when I used the BBQ Delights on Fathers Day, I had two MAJOR flare-ups. After which I made the mistake of turning the grill off (fire started making its way up my auger tube).

    I don't want to blame the pellets, but the only differences from previous smokes/BBQs I'd done on the Traeger, was the pellets and the fact that I was smoking ribs (first time on the Traeger). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum Adam. Congrats on the new Traeger you'll have a great time cooking on her. Concerning your flare-up using BBQD, did you happen to clean your pit and fire pot after cooking numerous times before cooking your ribs? I don't think BBQD was the cause of your flare-up, many of us use BBQD without incident. Again welcome to the forum and good luck and good smoking.
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    Welcome to! BBQrs Delight pellets are the best. It wasn't the pellets that caused the flareups. It was a combination of heat, oxygen and a combustion source like grease. Possibly built up like SC Smoker suggested.
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    Welcome to the forum. Be sure to stick around and don't be shy!

    I am a huge fan of BBQ'ers Delight pellets.
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    Welcome and congrats on the new smoker. I have use BBQ Delight pellets along with several others and have not had any problems, especially those of the type your explained. I am thinking that you may have had excess ash that caused the problem or some other anomaly. Really don't think it can be attributed to the pellets. I know it is always important to vacuum the ash after a long cook on the Traeger or after several short ones. Hopefully you have it all squared now and are enjoying your smoker.
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