Get your new Shark Bottle opener from MAK Grills and
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Get your new Shark Bottle opener from MAK Grills and
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Thread: Get your new Shark Bottle opener from MAK Grills and

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    Got my Shark bottle opener today .. Thanks MAK

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    I forgot about these, surprised BPS still has some left
    You are welcome!
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    I dont know how I missed these... they rock! I hope there is one left for me!

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    Email joe. Andy

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    I did Sterling! I think our plans are squared away too.

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    I got mine in the mail the other day also! It opened my beer very nice. Thanks it is awesome!

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    Nice to have a shark around

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    Got mine today. Thanks guys. My son likes the mini bottle of sauce, he wants it and thinks it's his.

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    We got ours the other day.
    It may go on display in our barroom (Vacation Palms).
    Will use some of the hot sauce in either a mop or sauce this weekend.
    Mike & Vicki

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    I ordered a MAK 2 Star last night and would love one of these to compliment. Thanks.


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